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Behold! It’s an anthology of thank you notes (for every business situation)

A sincere thank you is now as easy as copy, paste, and send

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Author photo: Christina Scannapiego

Christina Scannapiego

Director, Content Marketing

We wrote copy + paste thank you notes for every business situation. (You're welcome.)

Saying our please and thank yous is one of the very first social lessons we learn as kids, usually before we even start eating solid foods. But how ingrained in our adulthood is the sentiment of saying thank you? How often do we forget to express our appreciation — especially when it comes to business? It’s a no-brainer to sign off on an email or Slack thread with a simple “thanks.” But how often do we put in the extra effort to show that we truly mean it?

We already know the answers to these rhetorical questions because, well, we’ve been there … but one look at your half-assed thank yous and what would your mom think?

We get it; you already have enough piled onto your to-do list. Thing is, customer loyalty will likely fall when you don’t show people heartfelt appreciation for supporting your business. Whether you’re a consulting firm or local cake maker, your clients are your most important asset and your success hinges on how to build customer loyalty with them. We all tend to skip the effort it takes to compose a personalized thank you letter of appreciation because, in the time it takes to work out exactly how to word a thank you note, you could’ve responded to 5 email inquiries, led a team meeting, and eaten a grilled cheese to boot.

Luckily, the stars have aligned and we found each other.

We’ve put together an anthology of every small-business thank-you situation you could think of — and more. Whether you want to express gratitude, acknowledgement, condolences, send a quick check-in or happy holidays note to your clients, customers, or anyone on your team, you’ll find the right words here.

And while you can find anything from a condolence note for losing a pet (tear emoji) to thanking your team in a haiku, let’s keep the biggies in mind: Always thank your new customers and keep thanking your loyal customers.

New business thank yous

Sending a thank you note to a customer who’s brand new to your business reassures them that they have indeed come to the right place. Not only does the thank you serve as a proactive approach to keep them engaged, but it’s an important step towards forging an immediate bond — and it shows that you’re personable and approachable.

Thank yous for continued business

Keeping your current clients happy and coming back is the secret to your success. Making sure you thank your client for their continued support goes a long way in staying top-of-mind and winning them over for the long haul.

Want to dive even deeper into writing the perfect thank you note to a customer? Check out our blog on How to say “thanks” to a client or customer for their business.

So now that you’ve got a refresher on saying thank you …

How the heck does this thing work?

You can filter by type of note and tone.

You can find heartfelt notes, cheeky notes, even breakup letters (of the business variety, of course — because definitely break up with your significant other in person).

It’s as simple as eating that grilled cheese: Just click on the note you want to use, and copy and paste into the body of the email you want to send. We’ve even suggested subject lines for you (you’ll see those as the header on each card). Just make sure to copy and paste one into your subject line if you’d like.

… but don’t forget!

  • Make sure you fill in the blanks, because you won’t want to hit send on the perfect thank-you note with a big fat “[NAME]” in your sign off, or a “[BUSINESS NAME]” in the middle of a lovely sentiment.
  • Feel free to add any other personal touches to your note, as you see fit.
  • And while an email or text message is great, never rule out the idea of sending a physical gift: chocolate, fruit basket, coffee, bourbon — you know the drill. (But if you don’t know the drill, here are some great customer appreciation ideas).

And there you have it. So go on, order that burrito. Make that call. Pick your kid up from karate. You can leave the thank-you notes to us.

You’re welcome.

Image for post The big anthology of business thank yous

The big anthology of business thank yous

Creative ways to thank your most important contacts for all the things — big and little.

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