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Big things coming in 2024: What’s on the Copper roadmap

A recap of our recent Coffee with Copper webinar

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Author photo: Katrina Oko-Odoi

Katrina Oko-Odoi

Sr. Content Marketing Manager

In our latest Coffee with Copper webinar, we jumped on to give our customers a live preview of our new product vision and roadmap for 2024. Our CEO Steve Holm and Head of Product Luke Lihou walked us through all the exciting developments coming up at Copper, including a new company vision and an in-depth look at our product roadmap. Here’s the rundown.

Our new company vision

Steve was eager to share what we’ve been working on internally after lots of conversations with our customers. While Copper has always been focused on relationship-heavy businesses, today we’re doubling down on this philosophy. For many of our customers, business development is less about transactions and more about the connections you cultivate with your clients over time. This is where Copper shines, offering valuable support for your business relationships.

Over the past few months, our team has dedicated time to listen to our user base and better understand how Copper can enhance your client relationship processes. We discovered that there are three main areas where service-centric businesses need support:

  • Gather interest - Consult with potential clients and gather details to engage them with the right solution.

  • Manage engagement - Successfully deliver your offering and meet all client expectations for the job.

  • Foster loyalty - Request feedback and stay in touch over time to create lasting client relationships.

These stages encompass an end-to-end client journey, which looks something like this:

In the end, what we’ve discovered is that many of these businesses are looking for a comprehensive client management tool that helps them successfully nurture clients from initial interest to lifelong loyalty.

How Copper stands out

So, we’re actively building this end-to-end tool to meet this need. Because at Copper, we aren’t aiming to be just another CRM software; We're evolving into a system of engagement that helps you interact with and nurture your client relationships throughout the lifecycle. Our goal is to provide a uniquely comprehensive tool for tracking, engaging, and managing client relationships — offering a single system that helps our customers serve their clients more easily and with less barriers to their success.

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Your sneak peek: 2024 product roadmap

Next up came the much-anticipated product roadmap reveal. Luke and his team have been working tirelessly to gather insights from our customers and create a new roadmap that enhances Copper according to that feedback. Here’s a glimpse at what we’re working on now for early 2024, and what’s up next on the roadmap.

Now: Immediate enhancements

These are product enhancements that are currently in progress and we’ll be delivering early in the new year.

Email automation

We’re introducing new prebuilt options and templates for email automation, designed to ease repetitive email tasks. This includes:

  • Single automated emails to reduce the repetition of sending the same email manually every time you hit a certain stage in the client journey.

  • A series of emails that you can automate to nurture interest. Current templates include a welcome series for new inquiries and a post-project follow-up sequence.

We’ll be adding more templated options over time to meet customer needs.

Copper Feed (previously Inbox)

We’re really excited about this one. We’re building a Copper feed that will transform your CRM experience by displaying client communications all in one central place and also offering actionable insights and automated productivity suggestions. You’ll be able to respond to communications right from your feed — from follow-up emails, to task updates, and replies to your team members — so you keep work moving forward without switching tabs or losing your spot.

Usability improvements

We’re always working to enhance your Copper experience, and our current focus is to continue updating the product look and feel to enhance the visuals and modernize the design across the app. Keep an eye out for enhancements to list views and pipelines — plus elevated aesthetics for all features.

Next: Upcoming features

These features are next up on deck as soon as our current projects are completed. We’re equally excited about these upcoming features, as they’ll continue to build on the full client journey that service-based businesses rely on to nurture relationships.


This brand new feature will allow you and your team to capture data at every step in the customer journey, from documenting website leads, to learning more about your clients’ needs and interests, and gathering feedback through surveys. With form responses feeding directly into Copper, the insights will be immediately actionable so you can serve clients more effectively.


We’re evolving our Pipelines feature into a flexible tool for managing projects with your team. As part of this effort, we’ll be revamping the “Opportunity” cards and pipeline stages, making them more customizable so that you can manage different types of post-sales processes that are specific to your business. This will make it much easier to track client accounts after purchase and keep all teams on the same page as work progresses.

Work Spaces

Team collaboration is the name of the game with Work Spaces, which will be visual task boards that keep all team tasks in one place for a given opportunity or project. By separating out the internal work from external client communications, you’ll have a dedicated space for monitoring progress and coordinating with other team members to help you keep project delivery on track and everyone working seamlessly together.

It’s full steam ahead into 2024

We’ve got even more in store for our customers later in 2024. Future features that we’re currently exploring but won’t be building until the second half of the year include client spaces, AI assistance and reviews. Stay tuned for more details as things progress.

Our 2024 vision and roadmap is a direct response to our customers’ needs and feedback. We’re dedicated to evolving alongside your business, ensuring Copper remains an integral part of your success for years to come. Stay tuned for more details on these upcoming developments in the new year.

Want more details from the event? Watch the full webinar recording here.

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