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How Bulu Box Streamlined Business Development with Copper

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Author photo: Copper Staff

Copper Staff

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As the first discovery box designed to help you feel your best, Bulu Box sends subscribers (aka. Bulugans) a curated selection of four to five premium health and wellness samples from top brands every month.

With over eight million healthy discoveries shipped in the last year, Bulu Box is not only allowing consumers to sample vitamins and supplements, but also providing actionable data to brands. They run full-service, subscription box programs for companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar retailers.

Choosing the right CRM: fifth time's the charm

Behind the scenes, Bulu Box spent a lot of time determining how to organize their varied client base. Their team went through four different CRM solutions before being sold on Copper’s ease of use.

Mariah Nimmich, Bulu Box’s Director of PR & Private Label Manager, recalls how turbulent their search was. “Everything we tried out had the potential for errors. Emails were getting lost and not counted. There was even one solution that had an accidental data wipe when we were using them. We lost a huge chunk of information that was vital to our company,” she says.

Copper was first introduced to Bulu Box by their CEO, Paul Jarrett. It was an easy transition for their team — Mariah remembers there were “no steps added to the sales process" and they "weren’t forced to sit down and learn something new.”

For the business development that Bulu Box is working on, “Copper has the perfect amount of good features. To anyone that’s just starting out in CRM, it’s an excellent platform."

How Bulu Box uses Copper:

At Bulu Box, both Mariah and Paul are spearheading business development for Bulu's turnkey subscription box solutions — Paul does the majority of the communicating, while Mariah works as facilitates all conversations, and ensures things move forward and nothing falls through the cracks.

When discussing what sold them on Copper, Mariah said, “It was the integration into Gmail. The Chrome extension is so natural, and I don’t have to hound Paul to make sure he’s adding new contacts to our CRM. Copper does it automatically.”

copper crm's gmail extension
Copper lives inside Gmail and pulls contact info automatically.

Mariah goes on to say, “Being able to monitor activity helps us out so much. I can see if someone texts, emails, or calls Paul, so I can always keep the ball rolling. That’s what is most valuable.” At the same time, “We can adjust privacies as needed. I don’t need the details of every conversation — I just need to make sure it’s happening.”

copper crm's email tracking
In Copper, email tracking tells you when someone has opened your email.

Mariah also implemented Automated Actions to schedule tasks that execute themselves to ensure no deals are lost. “We’ll set them up if an opportunity is inactive for a certain amount of days. When you’re talking to 100 people in a week, it’s nice to have a brain that’s not your brain.”

To keep projects straight, the Bulu Box team has integrated Copper with Asana, via Zapier.

Mariah notes, “When an opportunity gets to a certain deal stage, or if a designer makes a deck for certain client, or if we need our COO to look at the contract, the tasks can get automatically assigned in Asana based on what is happening in Copper.”

As Bulu Box is helping others discover a healthier way of life, we’re happy to be helping them every step of the way.

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