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Choosing between Streak vs. Copper CRM

Everything you need to know to choose the right CRM for your team

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Author photo: Jessica Andrews

Jessica Andrews

VP Marketing

Are you shopping for a CRM that works flawlessly with Google Workspace? If you’re weighing your options between Copper vs. Streak, we have all the information you need to make an informed choice.

3 key differences between Copper vs. Streak CRM

Copper stands out from Streak in three notable ways. Let’s take a look.

1. Thoughtful Gmail and Google Workspace integrations

Both Copper and Streak are exclusively focused on providing customer relationship management tools to Google Workspace users. But our philosophies on how best to integrate with Google tools differ greatly.

Streak uses their Chrome extension to build their entire CRM into Gmail itself. When you implement Streak, it completely transforms your Gmail to become a CRM–email hybrid, where all of your emails are categorized into sales pipelines. While this could help you focus on the emails that matter, it can also slow down your Gmail as your pipelines grow in size.

Copper solutions partner and former Streak user, Alex Bass, explained how slow his Gmail became with Streak as he built out his pipelines:

“Gmail would take 2-4 seconds to load normally, and then Streak would take 20-30 seconds to load on top of that. So when I wanted to quickly do something even in Gmail, it was being bogged down by Streak.”

Copper is more thoughtful when it comes to our Gmail integration because we know you love Gmail for how intuitive it is — and we would never want to mess with that intuitiveness. Instead of completely changing the structure of Gmail, Copper’s Chrome extension layers in additional productivity tools to help you prioritize. We display context about your deals on the right side of your inbox, allowing you to create follow-up tasks and access email templates naturally as you’re replying to customers and prospects.

Beyond Gmail, Copper offers deep integrations with your other Google Workspace tools, including:

  • Syncing calendar events with contact records in your CRM
  • Syncing files from Google Drive
  • Exporting data into Google Sheets or Google Data Studio

And when it comes to customizability, there’s no contest between Streak vs. Copper CRM. To go deeper into more complex workflow automations, build custom reporting, or clearly visualize your pipelines, you can simply hop into Copper’s full CRM in our standalone web application (we even have a mobile app too).

At Copper, we appreciate how much you love Gmail and Google Workspace, and our goal is to work harmoniously with the tools you already use every day. And Google agrees — Copper was selected as a Recommended for Google Workspace app, and is the only CRM that made the list.

2. Built for relationship-based organizations.

Copper vs. Streak’s differences aren’t just about Google Workspace; we also think about customer relationships in very different ways.

Streak’s tools were built on the assumption that all businesses use a linear sales process. Which is why your entire Gmail is transformed with Streak to categorize your emails within pipelines. While this works for transactional sales organizations, it simply doesn’t work for all businesses. Creative agencies, real estate firms, technology companies, construction business and nonprofits — among other relationship-intensive businesses — don’t have a linear sales process, meaning their customer journeys are a bit more complex.

If your view of customer relationships looks more like the journey on the right, chances are you’ll struggle with Streak’s linear approach, which could lead you to lose track of key customer relationships in your inbox.

Since we built Copper for organizations that value relationships, our CRM offers immense flexibility to help your business form connections with leads, customers and other stakeholders.

3. Designed to scale with your business.

Smaller businesses often struggle to find a CRM that fits them right now, but is also capable of scaling as their organization grows. At Copper, we’ve set out to change that by designing a platform that easily grows as your team does. Streak, on the other hand, really functions best for individuals.

Streak’s CRM is essentially a leveled-up version of spreadsheets — built inside Gmail. This can be helpful to ensure solopreneurs or individual salespeople are focusing on what’s important to meet goals, but as your team grows and you add more members, Streak quickly gets complicated and costly.

For accounts with two or more seats, you’ll need to upgrade to Streak’s Pro plan, which starts at $49 per seat. But the Pro plan doesn’t offer full admin permissions, meaning anyone on your team can add their own data points without consistency or guardrails in place.

Streak also offers an Enterprise plan that allows custom permissions, but you’ll need to upgrade your entire team at $129 per seat, which doesn’t add any user-facing features beyond permissions and support. At that price point, you might be better off using a full CRM from day one. With Streak’s Pro features, you’ll likely find that you’re not much further along than if you used a regular spreadsheet.

Start scaling your business with Copper

Sure, both Streak and Copper may be designed for businesses that use Google Workspace, but the similarities end there. Copper offers a full CRM plus an intuitive Chrome extension that sits to the right of your Gmail inbox. With Copper, you can have the best of both worlds: a simplified CRM inside Gmail and a fully customizable CRM for the heavier lifting. If you aren’t a Copper customer yet, try it free for 14 days, no credit card needed.

Try Copper free

Instant activation, no credit card required. Give Copper a try today.

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