Consulting use case: Veterans Valor

How this VA claims consultancy uses Copper to grow its client base by 10X

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Author photo: Katrina Oko-Odoi

Katrina Oko-Odoi

Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Business type: VA claims consulting firm

Business size: 10-15 employees

Time with Copper: 10 months

Main use case: This consultancy’s daily workflow revolves around monitoring and managing their client correspondence with veterans seeking a VA disability claim. Their team regularly checks Copper for activity updates (email and phone communication), keeping them informed of the latest interactions and claims statuses. They also use Copper to facilitate timely follow-ups with clients at crucial stages in their pipeline, helping the firm uphold a high level of service and support throughout the entire client journey.

A look at Veterans Valor’s top Copper features

Veteran founder John Paul shared the features that have helped his young consultancy, Veterans Valor, grow exponentially in less than a year using Copper, including Feed, Pipelines and Tasks.

A favorite of many Copper customers, the Feed is a home dashboard that brings together all of your latest updates, from client emails to recommended follow-ups, @ mentions and team activities.

John is often handling 40 to 50 clients at a time, so these timely reminders are extremely helpful. He visits the Feed every day to keep track of follow-ups and recent activity to get a feel for the claims that are in play. This helps ensure no client inquiry or communication slips through the cracks.

Pipelines for VA claim assistance

As John and his team got the feel for Copper, they played around with using Pipelines in a couple different ways. First, they split their clients into two separate Pipelines: one for “primary” claims and another for “secondary” claims.

After using it this way for a couple months, they realized the dual pipeline setup added more complexity to the process. So they moved both claim types into a single “Claim Assistance” pipeline with a tag differentiating them between a primary and secondary claim. This structure works much better for their team, helping keep all claims top of mind.

John appreciates the absolute flexibility of Pipelines to build theirs out in a way that perfectly aligns with their internal processes. As a consulting firm, they hold their clients’ hands from the beginning of the VA disability claims process to the end — with the ideal outcome being an overall disability rating increase from the VA. The Veterans Valor team has broken the steps of this process into 30 different stages in their pipeline, which include:

  • Consultation

  • Next steps and Inquiry emails

  • Inquiry phone call

  • Awaiting records upload

  • Records reviewed email

  • VA doctor’s visit

  • Claim submitted

  • Awaiting VA decision

  • And 22 other stages until the claim is complete

“We completely renamed and tailored the pipeline stages to align with our business’s unique requirements and our clients’ expectations. This customization has not only improved our internal processes but also enhanced our ability to deliver a personalized and efficient experience to each client,” John explains.

Tasks for coordinating with team members

Among the team’s three core users, assigning tasks to each other helps hold their colleagues accountable while always staying on the same page. For example, once a client’s records are uploaded, the Client Manager might create a task for a Claims Expert to review the records and send a “records reviewed” email after they’ve completed the review.

By creating tasks associated with an individual claim in a specific stage, the team is able to closely collaborate while fulfilling their individual responsibilities, keeping everyone informed and up to date.

To learn more about Veterans Valor’s experience with Copper, read their full case study here.

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