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The Best Overall CRM for SMBs (Thanks, MarTech!)

Big news!

We’re so excited to have been chosen as the winner of the "Best CRM Solution for SMBs" award in the 2019 MarTech Breakthrough Awards program.

These awards recognize the best companies, technologies, and products out there in all of marketing, advertising, and sales-tech land. 🎉

You might recognize some past winners of these awards: Mailchimp, Eventbrite, Marketo...

A sneak peek: if you can use Gmail, you can use Copper.

It really is that easy to pick up. Here, see it in action:

A little background on the MarTech Breakthrough Awards...

It’s part of the Tech Breakthrough Awards organization, a leading market intelligence and recognition platform that honors and recognizes the best and brightest in tech.

Analyzing tools from all industries including FinTech, MedTech, and MarTech, the panel is super-skilled at analyzing tools and platforms to find out which are the best.

(The organization has worked with tech companies like Intel, Comcast, Cisco, Sprint, HP, Philips… you get the idea... And they work with groundbreaking startups too!)

The judges are all senior-level marketing, ad, and sales professionals who’ve personally worked in the MarTech space. This includes journalists, analysts, and tech executives, so you know you’ve got a wide breadth of experiences.

Try the best CRM solution for SMBs as named by MarTech!

No credit card needed, no risk...why wouldn't you? Give Copper a whirl for 14 days—free!

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