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Guess Who's One of the Hottest San Francisco Startups?

We did it again...

You might remember that we were recently listed in the top three percent of the Inc. 5000.

Well, it just so happens that we're also #2 on Inc.'s 10 Hottest San Francisco Startups of 2019!

Here's a quick rundown of the other SF-based companies in the top 10:

  1. Grove Collaborative - We love an eco-friendly brand—and it's their first time on the list too! Impressive.
  2. Copper - That's us, coming in with a three-year growth of 3,023%.
  3. Onfleet - A logistics company, Onfleet's mission is to make sure deliveries get delivered on time.
  4. Domino Data Lab - An open forum, Domino is where "data scientists can build and run models for organizations in fields ranging from insurance to agriculture to cancer research." Very cool.
  5. Carta - Very fitting for Silicon Valley! Carta is a software that helps businesses manage their equity and employee ownership.
  6. Anna Marie Events - Who said only tech companies can make it in the Bay? This events company achieved a whopping 1,136% in growth over the past three years.
  7. Groove.co - Another business whose goal is to make salespeople more productive? We dig it.
  8. Kenna Security - With data breaches getting more frequent (and more sophisticated), we're glad there are cyber threat-fighting companies out there like Kenna.
  9. Buhler Commercial Construction - We know who we're hitting up the next time we're doing a reno...
  10. Algolia - Not only does Algolia count Twitch and Stripe among its clients, it was also one of Inc.'s Top Workplaces in 2018!

Ready to reimagine CRM?

Earning a place on lists like this is incredibly rewarding—and not only does it validate our work, it's also a constant reminder for us that we got here thanks to our customers.

They're the reason why it's so important to us that we get the user experience right and make Copper truly useful to someone's business.

copper crm user interface
Copper shows all your past relationship history with contacts at a glance.

They're the reason we put in the work every day to reimagine a CRM that's easy to use (instead of following and copying the enterprise CRMs out there).

And they're the reason we designed Copper based on Google's Material Design principles—you shouldn't have to be tech-savvy to use tech!

Give it a try.

Want to see what a CRM that's designed for G Suite is like? Take Copper for a spin and transform the way you manage relationships, deals, and projects—it's free!

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