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Copper + DocuSign: Send and Save Signed Docs Right from Your CRM

We’re keeping the integrations coming! Introducing a hot new one hot off the press aimed to help you get signatures, track document status and store related e-signed documents to accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities in Copper for quick retrieval.

Meet the Copper + DocuSign integration! 📄✍️

copper's crm dashboard with docusign integrated

Why does this matter?

With Copper connected to DocuSign you’ll be able to autofill details, send and track electronic documents that require signatures and associate them to any account, contact or pending deal.

What this DocuSign integration lets you do:

  • Auto-pull in contact details and file information—via Google Drive, Dropbox, or an upload from your computer
  • Choose recipients and assign signing roles right inside Copper
  • Using artificial intelligence, the integration can auto-apply a document template based on that information
  • See a document's latest status in Copper: Sent, Received, Completed or Error
  • Store all related documents sent via DocuSign to relevant accounts and contacts
  • Check up on signed documents with appropriate permissions and access
docusign permissions in copper crm

Copper + DocuSign

The Copper + DocuSign integration shows you the documents that've been sent to your contacts and what status they are: Sent, Received, Complete, or Declined.

See a demo of how it works.

The Copper + DocuSign native integration is available on the Professional and Business plan—read more about how it works here.

Want to turn it on today? Have your Copper admin navigate to the Settings page (under Integrations) and connect to DocuSign.

Not a Copper user yet? Sign up for a free trial!

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