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🎉 Add 5+ seats and save 22% for life* – contact your Copper representative or hit the Chat button below

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Copper news - 3 min READ

Add marketing automation to Copper with our Mailchimp CRM integration

Copper's CRM software integrated with Mailchimp takes email marketing to the next level

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Jessica Andrews

That's right, Copper offers a native Mailchimp CRM integration.

Copper integrates with industry-leading marketing automation platform Mailchimp, enabling our customers to use Mailchimp to manage their email marketing campaigns, newsletters, subscribers and analytics.

Copper users can manage and update Mailchimp lists directly from their Copper account.

Here's how you can use Copper's CRM software integrated with Mailchimp to integrate all of your marketing automation.

1. Add contacts from Copper to Mailchimp mailing lists.

Add thousands of contacts and subscribers to your Mailchimp audiences (mailing lists) in just a few clicks. Open the Leads or People list in Copper and simply select the contacts you want to add. Click "Add to Mailchimp" from the ellipses dropdown, and then choose a mailing list in the popup window to which you want to subscribe the contacts. To select all leads or people on the page, just check the box at the top. It’s that easy with our Mailchimp CRM integration.

Once you've added contacts to a mailing list using Copper's CRM software integrated with Mailchimp, a "Mailchimp" section will appear in each respective People or Lead record in the Related section of the individual's profile.

2. Remove Copper contacts from email campaigns with our Mailchimp CRM integration.

The process for removing Leads or People in Copper from your Mailchimp campaigns is as simple as adding them. Navigate to the Leads or People list and check any records you wish to remove (or select all by checking the box at the top). Then from the ellipses dropdown menu, choose "Remove from Mailchimp." And you're all set! You can confirm the removal was successful by looking in the Related area of a contact's profile and ensuring the "Mailchimp" section no longer appears.

Not a Mailchimp subscriber?

Not to worry. Mailchimp has a plan for everyone, including the Free plan, which lets you send 10,000 emails every month and includes a native Mailchimp CRM integration with Copper.

To learn more about how to integrate your Copper and Mailchimp accounts, check out our helpful Knowledge Base guide.

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