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Copper & Relationships vs. Process

What to consider before choosing your next CRM

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Author photo: Amie-Lynn Mitchell

Amie-Lynn Mitchell

Choosing the right CRM can feel like navigating a jungle of options. Torn between Copper and While both platforms have their benefits, we’ll highlight the key features to help you choose the tech stack that’s best for you.

What is and the monday sales CRM?

Founded in 2012, is a work management platform designed to help organizations increase efficiency by tracking workflows and projects. They specialize in project management and team collaboration.

Recently, they recognized the crossover between project management and CRM, so they began offering templates that adapt their platform into a light CRM.

What is Copper?

Copper CRM is your one-stop shop for managing customer relationships and streamlining your processes. Imagine a platform that fosters deeper connections with your clients while keeping your team organized and efficient. That's Copper!

Is monday right for you?

monday sales CRM calls itself a “customizable CRM.” So, if traditional CRMs haven’t worked for you and you haven't found a cost-effective option, might be a good option for you. excels in project management, making it a great fit for teams focused on:

  • Project-centric CRM:'s strength lies in project management. While it offers basic CRM functionality, its customizable workflows and task automation are good at managing the step-by-step processes of nurturing leads.

  • Teamwork for processes: fosters collaboration on workflows within the CRM. This can be helpful for teams that prioritize delegating tasks and tracking progress through various sales stages. Extensive customization will most likely require additional setup time.

  • Customizable elements:'s CRM adapts alongside your business. You can add custom fields and automate tasks, but this level of granular control might be more suited for teams comfortable with managing intricate project details within their CRM.

If you value intricate process control and building extensive custom workflows,'s CRM might be a good fit. It excels at managing complex sales processes through automation and detailed customizations.

However, keep in mind this level of control comes at a price. Setting up's CRM to perfectly match your needs could require additional time and comfort managing granular project details. If your priority is building strong relationships with customers,'s CRM might be more project-focused than you need.

Is Copper right for you?

Copper is a full-fledged CRM designed to simplify and strengthen your customer interactions. If you prioritize relationship-building, here's how Copper's Pipelines can elevate your business:

  • Visualize customer journey: See your entire sales or project lifecycle at a glance with Pipelines' Kanban-style boards. This eliminates confusion, encourages collaboration, and keeps everyone aligned on the next steps to keep relationship nurturing at top of mind.

  • Easy task management: Manage all process-related tasks directly within Pipelines. Assign tasks, track progress, set deadlines, and hold team members accountable – all within the context of your relationships.

  • Streamlined communication: Ditch the chaos of to-do lists and sticky notes. Assign tasks, track progress, set deadlines, and identify bottlenecks directly within Pipelines. This helps keep communication on track, without accidentally duplicating messages to a single customer.

  • Flexibility & customization: When it comes to any relationship, one-size doesn’t fit all. Customize your Pipelines with custom stages, fields, and views to perfectly match your unique sales process or project workflow.

  • Focus on relationships, not data entry: Copper automates data entry and populates Pipelines with relevant information. This means your team has more time to focus on building genuine connections with customers.

  • Google workspace integration: Copper’s CRM integration with Google works seamlessly with your Gmail, Calendar and Drive. This means you never have to switch tabs to add leads, track email conversations, find files and manage tasks in marketing and sales processes.

Focused on relationships? Copper's Pipelines take center stage

While offers a powerful project management core with some CRM functionality, Copper stands out as the clear winner for businesses that prioritize building and nurturing customer relationships. Copper's Pipelines provide a visual and collaborative workspace to manage your entire customer journey, from initial contact to closing the deal and beyond.

Beyond the intuitive Pipeline view, Copper integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace, keeping your team in their familiar Gmail, Calendar, and Drive environment. Stop switching between platforms and instead save time so that your communication stays focused on building genuine customer connections. With Copper, data entry becomes automated, freeing your team to focus on what truly matters – fostering strong relationships with your customers. Take control of your CRM!

Try Copper for free today.

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