Get two-way sync between Copper & Google Contacts with PieSync

Copper CRM now syncs with PieSync for syncing for Google contacts

By far our #1 most requested feature is two-way sync between Google Contacts and Copper contacts. Starting today we have a solution for you.

We are announcing a new partnership with PieSync to provide two-way sync between contacts in Copper and Google. If you like to use both apps to manage your contacts, you’ll no longer have to spend time or energy worrying if you're looking at the most current version of your contact information. You’ll always be in sync.

When you use PieSync with Copper and Google Apps, any changes you make to your Google contacts will sync back to Copper, and any changes you make to contact details in Copper will be updated in Google Contacts. You’ll always be sure the phone number for your customer that you have stored in Google Contacts on your phone is the right one.

If you use Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign, PieSync has additional modules that will allow you to add on two-way sync with Copper and your contacts in those systems as well. PieSync is the best option for syncing contacts between Copper and Google.

To get started, sign up for PieSync. Setup is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Within PieSync, connect your Google Contacts and Copper accounts. Then choose which contact groups to sync, select the two-way sync option, and click “Start Syncing Now.”

Copper PieSync Sync

PieSync will provide you with a simple dashboard showing that status of your sync.

Google CRM Sync

Sign up for PieSync for Copper today to keep all your contacts in both Copper and Google Contacts always in sync.

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