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Copper + QuickBooks: New Duo in Town!

Looking for one place to connect with customers, collaborate with your team, get paid faster and stay ahead of overdue invoices?

Meet the new Copper + Quickbooks native integration. If your accounting information lives in QuickBooks Online and your contacts and deals live in Copper—this integration brings all that vital information together.

The result: You get a complete picture of your customer, from every stage of the sales process to back-and-forth communications and even view their invoices and payments.

quickbooks and copper integration

Communication between the sales teams and accounting teams gets harder as your business grows. Sales teams lose track of invoice updates and finance teams find it difficult to keep the sales teams updated every time a payment is made.

We're trying to make that easier. Now, Quickbooks invoices can be displayed in Copper, you'll see these invoice details (without having to ask finance!):

  • Invoice Name/Number
  • Status
  • Issuer
  • Due Date
  • Total Due
  • Balance Due
see your invoices in copper crm

The Copper + Quickbooks native integration helps teams:

View an invoice and status from Copper

All open, paid and overdue invoices for any lead, contact or entire account is visible. You can even view the invoice number, due date, and balance total.

View a history of invoices in the activity feed

Any update from accounting on invoice status, payments and due dates get automatically synced into the activity feed so sales can filter down on past invoice history to learn more.

"Copper users can now see important financial information about a customer—all without ever having to leave their desks." - Brett Schuenemann, Sr. Director of Product at Copper

The Quickbooks native integration is available on Professional and Business plan—for more help on it, read about it here.

Copper Admins: Navigate to Settings > Integrations and connect to Quickbooks!

Not a Copper user yet? Sign up for a free trial!

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