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Presenting: The CRM Benchmark Report

We've been busy at Copper over the past year. You know, there was the rebrand, Google Next, oh and building an awesome CRM...

But one of our biggest projects was definitely working with Google and Qualtrics Research to compile a ton of survey data and create the CRM Benchmark Report: The Future of Relationship Management.

And what better way to ring in the new year than by unveiling this report (which you can grab for free)?

Whether you call it professional curiosity or an unhealthy obsession with discovering everything there is to know about this product we're building, this report is bound to teach every relationship-maker (in sales, marketing, Customer Success—anyone in any business, really...) something new about:

  • the types of relationships businesses are forming (it's not just about customers—but you already knew that... right?)
  • technology (we're still loving phone calls, although they're surprisingly way more popular with small businesses than enterprises)
  • and how business relationships have changed in the last few years (okay fine, a last hint: flings are out)
chart: how long business relationships are lasting today
How long are business relationships lasting today?

(Oh and if you think this chart is interesting, the real kicker is when you see these numbers side by side compared to relationships five years ago.)

With over 2,500 respondents from countries around the world, the CRM Benchmark Report is an in-depth look at how companies are using CRM to manage their relationships today compared with in the past.

Think your company is using CRM the "right way?" How does your team stack up compared to other businesses your size? Check out the report to learn more.

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