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Productivity - 7 min READ

CRM productivity begins with lists

Get more done without breaking your workflow in Copper’s new list views

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Author photo: Andrew Suh

Andrew Suh

Product Manager

Managing and growing your relationships is the heartbeat of business growth — and using a CRM system designed specifically to support these efforts can be a huge value add.

When teams have a tool that works, they tend to spend a significant amount of time in it. CRM is no different. If you’re a daily CRM user, chances are you spend a lot of time in lists. Think about it — from looking at a list of opportunities, to filtering a segmented list of customers (by industry, company size, date last contacted … you name it), to reviewing won or lost deals — you’re often working from a list view to manage your prospect and customer data.

Sure, it may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to CRM, but the list view is where users spend the majority of their time (we crunched the numbers).

CRM data in list view … look familiar?

This is exactly why we’ve been hard at work refining how users interact with lists inside Copper. But it goes beyond just usability; it’s about supporting processes — like sales and marketing programs — that help customers drive success for their business.

The numbers behind CRM sales processes

Research by Vantage Point Performance and the Sales Management Association found that companies can achieve 28% greater revenue growth when they:

  • Have a clearly defined sales process

  • Dedicate time each month (3 hours minimum) managing pipeline development across all sales reps and stages of business

  • Train their sales managers on pipeline management and how to make informed decisions around their sales reps’ pipelines

Having a formal sales process alone translates into 18% more revenue growth for companies. That’s an impressive jump.

What we’ve come to understand based on countless conversations with Copper customers is that a defined sales process goes beyond simply looking at pipelines; it involves being strategic about how you interact with all of your prospect and sales data in your CRM system, including:

  • Constantly updating deal and opportunity details to ensure data accuracy

  • Adding notes and activity information for every single touch-point with a prospect or customer

  • Always keeping deal stage and associated tasks current

  • Having a clear process for reviewing deal and opportunity history ahead of scheduled sales calls or meetings

The more defined your sales process is across your entire program, and the easier it is for your team to follow this process, the higher your chances are to hit your revenue growth goals.

For Copper users, lists are central to successfully managing an effective sales program — so you can start building lasting customer relationships from Day One.

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A new lists experience in Copper

Based on our research and customer data, we’re rolling out a new lists experience that includes:

  • An updated, spreadsheet-like design

  • The ability to in-line edit fields individually and in groups

  • Improvements to filters

  • Quick record previews from within lists

This enhanced functionality is designed to make your entire team’s time in Copper more efficient and productive — from sales, to marketing, to customer success and beyond.

Let’s look at some specific benefits of our new lists experience:

Streamline your workflow

With a look and feel more like spreadsheets and ample white space between fields, columns and rows, users can enjoy:

  • Reduced mental load - Consume and analyze your key information faster, with less effort.

  • Improved readability - Each field is easier to read and update — and helps you quickly determine what step to take next.

Edit records right from your list

Being able to edit most fields right from your list view helps you save time and keeps you from losing your spot from clicking into individual records. This way, you can update your data with fewer clicks and speed up your workflow. Our favorite part? It helps users keep their CRM data clean and accurate with less effort.

Improved customer segmentation

Ah, filters. We love them, but drilling down into segment details could get confusing at times. Now, you can create and save new filters in just a few clicks — helping your team organize your efforts around personalized outreach and easily access data for different customer or prospect segments. This keeps everyone organized and on the same page as you work to keep nurturing relationships.

Speed up your day with simplified task management

Yes, there’s a list for tasks too. You can view all your assigned tasks from the list view and edit task details like task name, owner and due date — without losing your spot in your task list. Say you were out sick on Monday; you can bulk edit all your tasks to change the due date to Tuesday — or reassign the tasks to a team member instead.

But we can’t forget about context; knowing what to say and where to pick up the conversation is critical for personalizing follow-up communications, whether it’s a phone call, email or meeting. From your task list, you can open related records, view associated contacts, and recent activities to get a full history before you start your task. You can even send the follow-up email right from the preview window — and then land right back to your place in the task list to check off your completed task.

Whatever your daily work process looks like, stay in the flow and get more done with streamlined task management.

Get all the context you need without disruptions

In some CRM platforms, you can start to feel like the clicks are never-ending — following an infinite cycle of clicking into one record, then another, opening a new window every time. This process is inefficient and tiring. Now, you can skip the endless clicking cycle and view all the information you need right from lists.

Access a large preview window of any record type from lists. Say you’re looking at a filtered list of leads and you want to see the details of a contact; select the lead and the detail window opens up as a preview to the right, showing all the pertinent information for you to review and update as needed. So you and your teammates can keep lead data current and get all the context you need without skipping a beat.

Try a new lists experience with Copper

Who knew CRM lists could make such a difference? With Copper’s new lists interface helping streamline your workflow, ensure data accuracy, and give you clearer insights into your connections, greater productivity and efficiency are within reach.

If you’re not yet a Copper customer, try out new lists for yourself with a free, 14-day trial — no credit card needed. The added productivity might surprise you.

Try Copper free

Instant activation, no credit card required. Give Copper a try today.

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