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23 Awesome Gifts for Salespeople You Can Give Year-Round

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Author photo: Brent Barnhart

Brent Barnhart


When’s the last time you showed your salespeople some love?

In a working world where 50% of employees feel unappreciated, a little bit of recognition can go a long way.

That’s why gift-giving is so important for keeping your sales team engaged and avoiding burnout.

(And if you’re hunting for something special for the salesperson in your life, we’ve got you covered too.)

Here’s a list of gifts for salespeople for any occasion. Whether it’s a gift for the holidays or “just because,” any of these ideas are fair game.

Budget-friendly gifts for salespeople

Let’s say you’re looking beyond free gifts but still don’t want to break the bank. No worries—here are some great gifts for salespeople that cost between $10 and $30 (give or take).

1. A Bluetooth headset

An essential item for constant cold-callers in busy offices, there are tons of cost-effective headsets to choose from (like this one from Amazon). Even if your company already provides such devices, you can reward a high-performing rep with a nicer option. In fact, we recently put out a list of the best Bluetooth headsets which can give you an idea of what’s out there.

2. Mugs and Thermoses

Some salespeople are caffeine addicts. Others might make a point to stay hydrated.

Either way, insulated drinkware from brands like Yeti are game-changers for keeping drinks at the proper temperature throughout the day. Oh, and Yeti also does custom designs for their drinkware in case you want your mug to match the rest of your company swag. You can never have too many mugs around the office, right?

yeti mug for salespeople

3. Desk plants

Desk plants are a small touch, but they make an ordinary office space seem less drab, especially when displayed in a hydroponic vase.

Of course, make a point to choose plants that are easy to maintain and friendly to an indoor environment. Some notable low-maintenance office plants include succulents, bamboo, and pothos.

Desk plant gifts for salespeople

4. A desk pillow

Perfect for those long days stuck at a desk or mornings when your back’s killing you, nobody’s going to say “no” to a lumbar support pillow.

5. A notebook or bullet journal

We’re all guilty of spending most of our days staring at a screen and salespeople are no exception. To give your special salesperson a break and a chance to organize their thoughts, why not give into the bullet journal craze that’s all the rage right now? Who knows: maybe their sales notes will result in a brilliant pitch.

Subscription-based gifts for salespeople 

Some gifts are worth giving again and again. These subscription-based services are awesome gifts for an individual salesperson or are worth sharing office-wide if your budget allows for it.

6. Snack boxes

People need to be properly fueled to be productive and at the top of their game. Subscription services such as SnackNation provide offices with customizable snack boxes, emphasizing healthy fare that’s good for the mind and body. If you’re looking to keep your hardworking sales reps fed with snacks that they’ll love, look no further.

office snack gifts for salespeople

7. Coffee boxes

For the salespeople you know who are always reaching for another cup of coffee, a coffee subscription box might be just the thing. In fact, companies such as Crema actually allow teams to rate individual coffees and customize their boxes via their Slack integration. Welcome to the future!

8. Audible

An Audible subscription is an awesome investment to have for professionals regardless of their backgrounds.

In addition to a plethora of fiction, Audible has a variety of business audiobooks that can contribute toward any salespeople’s ongoing education in the industry—great for commutes or work breaks. If you’re hunting for recommendations, make sure to check out our list of the best sales management books available today.

audiobook gifts for salespeople

9. A gym membership

When you’re cooped up in an office all day, having an outlet for your pent-up energy is an absolute must.

Many companies gift gym memberships as an investment in their employees and their well-being: even if your recipient isn’t much of an athlete, a gifted gym membership might be their catalyst for a healthier lifestyle.

Gifts for on-the-go salespeople

Traveling salespeople could always use a little extra something to keep themselves from stressing out while they’re on the go. Even if you don’t require any of your sales team to travel, here are some practical gifts that any professional would be happy to have during their trips off-the-clock.

10. An extra carry-on

You can never have too many overnight bags or too much carry-on luggage. These are great gifts for salespeople who you might be sending out “into the wild” for the first time.

11. Travel kits

There’s a lot that can go wrong when you travel: getting through security ideally shouldn’t be part of the mix. Travel kits including TSA-friendly bottles are yet another gift that frequent fliers will appreciate.

12. Luggage cubes

Particularly useful for longer trips, luggage compression cubes are practical for anyone who’s traveling often.

packing cube gifts for salespeople

13. A portable charger

A key tool for a traveling salesperson to keep in their carry-on, multi-purpose chargers ensure that their work can continue during a long layover or if they have to go for hours without access to an outlet.

14. A travel pillow

For anyone taking frequent international or red-eye flights, a pillow set helps guarantee that you actually catch some Zs.

Big-ticket gifts for salespeople

Want to make a big impression for the holidays? Say “thanks” for killing a sales quota? Did someone score a promotion? These big-ticket gifts are perfect to give office-wide or as an individual reward.

15. The latest gadget

From smartwatches to tablets and beyond, hooking your tech-savvy salespeople up with the latest gadget can make them feel like a kid on Christmas Day.

16. Sporting tickets

Whether professional or amateur, there are likely some sports fans in your midst who’d be thrilled to have a pair of gameday tickets in their hands. Sporting events can also double as a bonding experience for your sales team if they don’t get to interact much outside the office.

Here’s a snapshot of the team at Self-Publishing School enjoying last year’s NBA playoffs.

sports ticket gifts for salespeople

17. A new office chair

A worthwhile investment for your entire team, ergonomic office chairs are night-and-day in terms of comfort and style for workers who’ve been stuck in a boring budget chair.

18. A standing desk

The benefits of standing desks are well-documented and a brilliant way to accommodate salespeople who want to be more active. Adjustable desks can give you the best of both worlds and transform your office environment.

19. Company getaways

Lastly, consider the ultimate gift of a (probably much-needed) vacation for the members of your sales team. Whether it’s a getaway on their own time or a company retreat, there’s perhaps no better way to show your appreciation. For example, the team at ReCharge proves that no team is too old for a Disney vacation:

company getaway gift for salespeople

Free gifts for salespeople

Gift-giving doesn’t have to be expensive. Although these “gifts” might not seem like much at a glance, you might be surprised at how much they mean to your sales team. Any form of workplace recognition is a net positive for a business, including the following freebies.

20. A “work from home” day

An opportunity to work from home is an absolute treat for anyone on your sales team who’s been stressing out. On the flip side, an office-free workday is the perfect “thank you” to reps who’ve been knocking it out of the park.

And if you think a work-from-home day is a sub-par gift, think again. It can’t be stressed enough just how much modern workers crave flexibility. The occasional work-from-home day or even “hall pass” to come in late is a much-appreciated perk that doesn’t cost a dime.

21. A remote work day

Piggybacking on the last gift, a change in environment is good for your sales team. The opportunity to get out of the office can help your team members recharge and reset without having to sacrifice productivity.

For example, you could spend a Friday as a team working at a coworking space or coffee shop as a change of pace. It could even become a regular ritual for your salespeople to look forward to.

22. Social shout-outs

Remember: a little bit of recognition can go a long way. Although there's some debate over whether traditional “employee of the month” style programs still work, social shout-outs are a playful gift to your sales team that won’t stir up any needless sense of competition.

Either individually or company-wide, showing off your team via social only takes a few seconds but could make somebody’s day. Here’s a great example from SKC Communications as their sales team totally crushed it in January.

sales team shoutout

23. A simple “thank you” card

Okay, this one isn’t technically free but chances are you could DIY a card out of sticky notes or paper around the office.

Again, any form of recognition is a plus. Even if your sales team knows that they’re meeting quotas, don’t neglect the importance of telling them outright that they’re doing a good job. Make a point to personalize your cards to let your workers know that you know their specific strengths and what they bring to your company, which is exactly what the Grass Roots Group did in the cards below.

thank you card gifts for salespeople

What gifts are you giving your sales team?

It’s never a bad time to give gifts to salespeople and show your appreciation.

If someone’s been crazy busy or just needs a reminder of how much they’re valued at work, a thoughtful gift can certainly do the trick.

Hopefully, this list gave you some gift-giving ideas for the salespeople in your life. Rather than wait until the holidays to make somebody’s day, think about which of the gifts above you could put in their hands sooner rather than later.

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