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Google is Now a Copper Customer

You recently heard the announcement that Google officially recommends Copper CRM for its millions of customers. This was a huge honor for us and a big milestone in our journey. But there’s more -- we’re super excited to announce that Google is now a Copper customer as well!

The Google for Work and Education team chose Copper CRM for the same reason they recommended us for their customers: We’re purpose-built for Google from the ground up using Google Material Design, we have tight integration with Google Apps, and our security meets Google’s stringent standards for robust cloud solutions.

We’re ecstatic that now Google is one of Copper’s premier customers (though we don’t like to play favorites). This is good news not only for Google and Copper, but our entire customer ecosystem as well. For example, now that Google will experience Copper from the perspective of an end user on a daily basis, the product feedback loop is tighter, and integrations between the two systems will continue to grow.

It’s certainly validating to be endorsed by Google Apps for Work as its first recommended CRM, but it really hit home when the Google for Work and Education team selected us as a CRM to be used internally. We’re excited to see adoption of Copper at Google and to drive business value for the company. Even more importantly, we’re excited to further cement our relationship with Google, so that we can accelerate business success for all of our amazing customers!

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