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Day 1 of #GoogleNext18: Keynotes, The Relationship Era, and the Secret to Grabbing Lunch without the Line

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Author photo: Grace Lau

Grace Lau

Exhausted after a long day at Moscone? Not at Google Next 2018 at all but curious about what’s happening at the biggest cloud conference in the world?

Here’s the play-by-play you never knew you needed.

7:30am - The scene at Moscone South’s Expo Hall: fast and furious last-minute booth setups. Attendees are surging toward the café area and picking up various yogurts (mostly lemon-flavored), hard-boiled eggs, and coffee. Lots of coffee.

8am - Lines for the 9am keynote are beginning to form at both ends of the hall. Overflow areas are already packed. (What time were people starting to line up??)

copper at google next
A splash of purple in a sea of gray

- DJ Dren is getting everyone hyped for the opening session featuring Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene. Somewhat blurry close-up shots of DJ Dren’s computer screen show someone who looks like her but isn’t her—also DJing. Is DJ Dren an AI experiment?

8:55am - Whaaa? DJ Dren has a twin sister who is also a DJ. Not an AI experiment.

9:09am - Finally, everyone is getting seated inside the auditorium. Turns out there are enough seats for everyone. Yay!

9:15am - The first keynote of Google Next 2018 begins as Diane Greene takes the stage via one of the few animated cubes on screen. A few highlights:

  • Google’s data centers are carbon neutral.
  • Target is on Google Cloud. (Google’s verticals are many, and growing.)
  • Security is executives’ #1 worry; AI is their #1 opportunity.
  • “Customers win when tech companies partner.” - Yes!

11:08am - Our CMO, Morgan Norman, kicks off the panel on The Evolution of Relationship Management featuring Alex from Door, Jamie from MailChimp, and Ariell from RHR International. Highlights:

  • Morgan: “With the shift toward long-lasting relationships, every business is a relationship business today, whether you’re Zendesk or Nike or Slack.”
  • Jamie on the Relationship Era: “Everyone is a Relationship Maker at MailChimp. We have agency partners, vendors, sponsors—when they enter our ecosystem, they can get into any corner of our business. That's why we need G Suite & tools like Copper to keep everyone on the same page.”
  • Alex on being "SaaSed to death": “We've always been on Gmail & G Suite, so we didn't really have a ramp-up period when we're onboarding people... Then one day you realize that you're using like 30 SaaS tools—when you could've still just been using G Suite.”
  • Ariell on lessons learned on the journey: “Get senior staff to help drive progress in your organization. When we found success, it wasn’t just IT teams teaching business teams. Teams were teaching each other and growing together."
  • Candy Embray won the DJI Spark Drone giveaway! 🎉🎉
relationship era panel google next
Introducing the crowd to the Relationship Era

- Lunchtime! Chaos ensues. Thankfully, there are multiple snack stations to tide you over in Moscone South as you wait to grab food.

1:00pm - Attendees are excitedly realizing that the Yerba Buena gardens have no lineups for food, a bumpin DJ, and plenty of sunshine. Huzzah.

Speaking of excitement, let's see what Jamie from MailChimp is excited about at Google Next.

1:47pm - Copper demos are in full swing at Moscone South 1515. Visitors at the booth (aka. you!) are super nice and loving it so far. 🙌

3:52pm - It’s official: the word on everyone’s lips this year is Kubernetes.

5:13pm - Olivier, Mary, and Brent from LumApps (a proud Copper customer!) are presenting a wicked session on engaging employees through the social Intranet.

And that’s a wrap! If you didn't have a chance to drop by and catch a demo of Copper and you're looking for a better way to manage your calendar and contacts, collaborate with other teams, and be more productive, why not try Copper for free? It's designed specifically for G Suite, so you'll be able to pick up on the best features right away.

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