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Google Next '19: The GIF and Photo Recap

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Author photo: Darryl Villacorta

Darryl Villacorta

Content & Community Marketing Manager

Last week, thousands upon thousands of guests from around the globe congregated to San Francisco for what turned out to be Google’s largest Next event in recent history.

google next outside

What is Google Next?

Google Next is a conference that gathers a community of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and developers to explore the future of the cloud and how to unlock new business opportunities with this technology.

google next lobby

DAY 1: That One Time We Made New Friends

First days at any event have an indescribable feeling of excitement permeating in the air that was definitely felt by our team. Similar to past events, we had a dedicated booth that gave us an opportunity to meet and mingle with Next attendees and showcase the value Copper can provide them.

copper at google next

We made new friends.

Making new friends

Team energy levels were high.

Did we mention we were giving away one of the freshest giveaway prizes of the event; who wouldn’t love a free scooter??!!

free scooter at google next

Not to brag, but our sweaters got a lot of compliments. A LOT.

copper's google next team 2019

This can’t be left off, but one BIG takeaway from Day 1: Google introduces Anthos, their hybrid and multi-cloud platform.

Watch the full video recap of Day 1 from our lens.

DAY 2: That One Time We Met With Our Partners (and Gave a Presentation) 

Building off of the excitement from our first day, we took that energy with us as we set our sights on meeting up with a few of our partners that we had heard were going to be in attendance – you can’t beat a good ol’ in-person conversation with someone.

Oh hi, LumApps!

lumapps and copper

Stephane Donze of AODocs is one of the kindest and chillest people we’ve ever met! His advice for future attendees: “Plan ahead. There’s so many breakout sessions, and if you don’t take the time before coming to plan (and reserve) the sessions most interesting to you, it’ll be too late.”

stephane from aodocs

Fun fact: In our Q&A, we asked Stephane “What’s one interesting thing you’ve seen or heard at Next ‘19 so far?”, and he mentioned that he saw people wearing bathrobes!

We needed to investigate.

And look who we found…

bathrobes at google next 2019

To cap off the day off, we were honored to have our own DeCarlis Wilson, Director of Product Management, provide a presentation on the synergy between Copper and G Suite.

DAY 3: That One Time We Quested For Swag

Next ‘19 was a BLAST, but all good things must come to an end. With that in mind, that meant one final push for our quest for more glorious swag, because let’s be real, there was sweet swag to be had.

There was a candy station, friends. If you’re questing for swag, a sugar rush is needed to get across the finish line.

google next 2019 candy station

So long, gym membership…

google next 2019 dice roll

Secret sauce? Nervous but intrigued at the same time.

google next 2019 hot sauce

You. Can’t. Say. No. To. Popsicles.

popsicles at google next

To recap our loot…

google next loot
Watch the full video recap of Day 3 from our lens.

See you next year, Google Next!

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