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Guided Streamlines Custom Packaging Operations with Copper

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Author photo: Copper Staff

Copper Staff

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Fast-growing, specialty packaging leader Guided lives by the mantra “life is too short for ordinary.”

When the company unveiled high-impact packaging, normally reserved for Fortune 500 companies, for shorter runs with a digital-first, service-driven culture, they were not expecting an explosion of ‘makers’ to come knocking.

From individual home-based businesses to passionate crowd-funded movements, connecting with a huge number of people and companies building the future was quickly becoming overwhelming.

With design and customization at the core of their business, Guided needed a CRM system that could follow suit. Specifically, they were in the market for something that could manage their complex distribution channels.

Guided customers can be anyone from a single person ‘maker’ starting a home-based business, to a small-business picking up its first retail distribution, to some of the largest brands in the world. Guided CEO David Stober turned to Copper to better service his customers.

What does a CEO need from a CRM?

“Streak. Base. Nimble. I had been around the CRM world. I wasted so much time listening to demos and looking for the right fit,” says David.

“My team was considering everything from antiquated techniques to high-tech systems to help solve our problems. There was a definite gap in mentalities around how we should manage contacts and projects—luckily, Copper was able to bridge it.”

Too many conversations to track? Use a CRM.

David goes on to say, “We use Copper for everything. It keeps track of our conversations, and we can update them on the go. We also use it in managing a variety of jobs.”

These “jobs” reference the tasks his team needs to execute in order to complete a project. Ordinarily, Opportunities in Copper represent any kind of business development effort that can be tracked and moved through a Pipeline.

For the team at Guided, “Opportunities are open jobs on the production side. We build workflows around each job so that we can track them as they move both in and out.”

Need better customer communication? Use a CRM.

Another initiative Guided has tackled since purchasing Copper has been reducing friction points of communication with customers.

David notes, “We’ve integrated Shopify and Intercom with Copper via Zapier, making it easier for customers to communicate and subsequently spend money with us.”

As soon as a customer initiates a chat or purchases an item, the data is immediately placed into Copper alongside the other information around the customer.

Of course, Guided uses Copper for other reasons, as well. “We also manage our customer service and administrative responsibilities in Copper. And our sales team is always using it to chase big deals and manage their accounts,” says David.

A busy team needs a CRM that's dead easy to use.

With such a wide variety of use cases, David notes, “We have so many ongoing communications, our CRM needed to be quick and mindlessly simple. With Copper, adding a new contact is like muscle memory—that was a huge selling point.”

Custom packaging is a $330M industry. As Guided strives to help businesses around the world showcase their brands with packaging, Copper is here to help them make an impact in this multi-million dollar space.

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