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Hooray — the new and improved G Suite Add-on is here!

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Wyndham Hudson

Vice President of Product at Copper

Big news for all you G Suite users out there:

Google has built an Add-on framework that connects G Suite to your favorite workplace tools — including Copper! Add-ons help you complete tasks directly from the G Suite app you’re using, rather than having to toggle back and forth between tabs. Last year, we partnered with Google to be a part of the beta program, when the G Suite Add-on was built for Gmail. Today, we have expanded the functionality to go beyond Gmail, to Google Drive and Calendar.

That sounds neat. What does this mean for me?

Well it means your CRM is living in the productivity tools you use. When you download the G Suite Add-on you get an embedded side panel of Copper that sits in Gmail, Drive and Calendar which surfaces relevant contacts and tasks based on what you’re currently working on. No more toggling between apps or tabs. Everything you need to follow up with customer, close a deal or manage a task is right in G Suite so you can save loads of time.

Customers love the Add-on because it streamlines everyday workflows — giving you quick access to Copper while you’re writing emails, scheduling meetings or working on a document in Drive.

Here’s three examples of how you can use the G Suite Add-on to improve your day-to-day workflow...

In Gmail...

When receiving emails, you will know which recipients are already in Copper and will have access to see details, add notes and log activities. You can also add any email recipients who aren't in Copper with one click.

In Calendar...

When you click on a calendar event, you can see which guests are already in Copper, look at their details, add notes and log activity. Meeting invitees aren't in Copper yet? Add them with just one click.

In Drive...

While working in a document you will be able to view, complete or add new tasks for the day and get a quick summary of recently viewed records.

Copper is making it easy for you to work where you want to work. Our G Suite Add-on is just the beginning of some cool features to come!

So how do I get it?

If you’re currently using Copper, you’ll be able to install G Suite Add-ons using the “+” button in the G Suite quick access side panel. The add-ons you install will appear automatically in the side panel across G Suite apps.

If you’re new to Copper, head on over to the G Suite Marketplace and download the Copper Add-on for free.

Interested in learning more? Catch our webinar to see how easy it is to use Copper + G Suite or just try Copper for free with our 14 day trial.

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