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How A Creative Agency Builds Picture-perfect Relationships

How A Creative Agency Builds Picture-perfect Relationships

A good story can change your life, and great ones can change the world. That's what the team at Corduroy Media, an Oakland-based creative agency and production company, believes. And that's why clients such as Time, MTV, and Google have asked them to help tell their stories.

Corduroy Media is no stranger to high-profile clients—and being able to maintain tight-knit relationships with clients (both big and small) is crucial, especially for agencies.

Whether they're using Copper's mobile app on the set of a shoot or on their desktops in the office, the Corduroy team is using their CRM to track production pipelines, project deadlines, and more.

See how they use Copper and G Suite for everything from scriptwriting, to delivering videos to clients, to internal producing:

The highlights: why the team loves Copper

"You don't have to be a tech genius to use it."

"Copper captures the full history of our client relationships so we don't lose the knowledge base that we've built up over the years about that client."

"I love that Copper is simple, easy to use, and intuitive. [This business] is all about relationships and it helps us build better relationships with our clients."

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