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Keep Up with Threads in Copper with Improved Gmail Collaboration

Collaborating through Gmail just became easier than ever.

You probably know that we support the ability to tag colleagues in Copper by mentioning them with the @ prefix in a note or an activity. Colleagues who have been mentioned receive a notification email to their Gmail account with your message.

Today we’re introducing big improvements to this function. Instead of a static email notification each time you are tagged, you will now receive a single, dynamic email where you can react and respond to comments from your teammates.

We are continually working to bring you the most seamless experience possible by living where you work. When everything you need is right in your inbox, you can collaborate nimbly and be more productive.

See it in action

Try it now! Tag a teammate in a new note or in the activity log of a record. Simply type the @ symbol and begin typing the name of a colleague you’d like to tag. That person will receive a dynamic email with the contents of your message, to which they can respond from within Gmail.

Need more information? Read our support article on @mentioning.

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