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NetHunt or Copper CRM? 4 key differences

Choose the best CRM system for your team with confidence

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Author photo: Jessica Andrews

Jessica Andrews

VP Marketing

Are you on the hunt for a CRM platform that syncs seamlessly with Google Workspace? If you’re trying to decide between Copper vs. NetHunt, you've come to the right place.

4 big differences between Copper vs. NetHunt CRM

Copper stands out from NetHunt in four significant ways. Let’s break them down.

1. Deliberate Gmail and Google Workspace integrations

Copper and NetHunt are both designed as customer relationship management platforms solely for Google Workspace users. Our approach for integrating with Google tools couldn't be more different, though.

NetHunt’s Chrome extension builds their CRM directly into Gmail itself. This means that, when you set up NetHunt with Google, your Gmail is completely transformed to become a CRM–email hybrid - and all of your emails are categorized into companies, contacts or deals. Sure, maybe this could help you focus on the emails that matter, it can also slow down your Gmail as your CRM grows in size. One user said,

“I did find that my Gmail has been a bit slower at times and I had to refresh my page a few times to smooth things out.”

When it comes to our Gmail integration, Copper is very deliberate in how we merge with your inbox because we know you love Gmail for how user-friendly it is — and we would hate to mess with that. Instead of completely changing the structure of Gmail, Copper’s Chrome extension layers in additional productivity features to help you focus and prioritize. Context about your deals is displayed on the right side of your inbox, so you can easily create follow-up tasks and access email templates as you’re replying to contacts.

In addition to Gmail, Copper offers native integrations with other popular Google Workspace apps, including:

  • Google Calendar: we sync calendar events with contact records in your CRM
  • Google Drive: we sync files with your CRM records
  • Google Sheets or Google Data Studio: easily export data into these tools

At Copper, we appreciate how much you love Gmail and Google Workspace, and we take care to ensure that our software works harmoniously with the tools you already use daily. And Google agrees — not only was Copper selected as a Recommended for Google Workspace app, but it’s the only CRM that made the list.

2. No more manual data and file entry

At Copper, we handle the manual, repetitive tasks that stand in the way of your team’s core work of fostering long-lasting business relationships.

Take your contacts: Copper highlights contacts you’ve been in communication with recently and recommends adding them to your CRM platform to help you keep track of everyone. Then, Copper guides you through creating a Company — where all contacts at one organization come together; and Opportunities, which house your in-progress deals.

But what many of our customers love most is how Copper automatically syncs key details like past email exchanges, email addresses, phone numbers and social media accounts with your newly created records — so you don’t have to worry about typing in all those details manually.

And we haven’t even gotten to the file organization: Copper pulls in relevant documents and files you’ve exchanged with contacts and attaches them to related records in your CRM. Which means all team members can see exactly what was sent, to whom — so you can finally ditch that shared server that everyone forgot to upload files to. You can also easily search for files within a record and attach related files as you’re typing your message within the Gmail window.

While NetHunt provides some light contact enrichment automatically, you are required to go into your settings and manually “map” the fields you want to enrich to get the full experience. NetHunt also doesn’t suggest contacts you should add based on your past interactions. Instead, it will display a different icon next to that contact’s email to indicate it’s not yet in the CRM. This means some of your customers might get missed and never be added to your CRM.

When it comes to file management, files emailed to contacts do sync to the corresponding NetHunt activity feed, but you can’t filter or search for those files in the contact record — and those files cannot be attached to new emails (all of which you can do in Copper). Your team will need to remember which email a file was sent to, or manually upload important files like proposals, presentations or agreements to individual records, requiring more manual work. Otherwise, important documents could easily disappear forever.

3. Report how you want to

As a sales leader, you likely already know what specific metrics you need to report on — but the problem is it can be challenging and time-consuming to compile reports exactly how you’d like.

Copper’s reporting suite has you covered: while you can easily use our pre-built templates that report on sales activity, forecasting, pipelines and team performance — you can also customize to your heart’s content, if you prefer.

You see, Copper’s Insight Builder allows you to create your own custom reports. Pull in data from important fields using drag and drop and choose any chart format to display your metrics. Seriously, the sky's the limit! Say goodbye to exports and pivot tables and start quickly creating your preferred reports — and updating them regularly.

Copper CRM vs. NetHunt’s reporting capabilities are as different as night and day. NetHunt provides basic sales and leads reports in non-visual formats, and users are limited by NetHunt’s report structure, preventing them from having truly customized reporting. Which means you may need to continue exporting your data to a spreadsheet or other reporting tool to glean the insights you need or better visualize your findings.

4. Putting your success first

Every organization follows their own workflows and manages unique relationships. With an eye on versatility, we’ve built Copper to be robust and flexible so you can skip extra investments and consulting fees to get set up. Simply put, it’s ready to work for your unique work processes right out of the box.

NetHunt might not be as simple and intuitive to set up, and it could take your admin team a while to configure. One G2 reviewer said, “[NetHunt] has its learning curve and I had to re-watch videos that showed how the tool worked multiple times to get it working for me.” This additional time investment can be a big drawback for small businesses with limited resources.

If your company needs to move quickly and has minimal time for setting up your CRM, a tool like Copper that effortlessly works with the tools you already use will offer peace of mind right from the start.

“I have spent weeks of my life searching for a CRM that is the best fit for my business and I can confidently say this is it. Also, their support is amazing! If you really want to voice your opinion on the future development of this software, they absolutely make that happen!” - G2 Review

Start growing your business with Copper

It’s true, both NetHunt and Copper are made exclusively for businesses that use Google Workspace, but that’s where the similarities end. Copper offers a robust CRM platform plus a user-friendly Chrome extension that sits on the right side of your Gmail inbox — instead of cannibalizing the entire Gmail experience like NetHunt.

With Copper, you can have the best of both worlds: a simplified CRM inside Gmail and a fully customizable CRM tool for the heavier lifting. If you aren’t a Copper customer yet, try it free for 14 days, no credit card needed.

Try Copper free

Instant activation, no credit card required. Give Copper a try today.

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