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New Features, Inspired By YOU—Our Customers

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Author photo: Wyndham Hudson

Wyndham Hudson

Vice President of Product at Copper

We've continued to take our customer's feedback and deliver new and updated features to help you organize and find information faster within Copper. Keep the feedback coming!

ICYMI: Check out all the new improvements we released last month—like customizing your dashboard. Get the full run down here.

Check out the latest 5 new improvements to Copper:

1. View activities by user on any record 🔍

Narrow down what you're looking for on any record by person—whether its notes, emails, calls from anyone on your team with a particular contact, account or deal you'll be able to quickly see all the interactions your teammate has had by simply clicking on their avatar—here's how to do it.

2. Create a list to show latest activity 📞📩

You can now filter down a list by Activity Type. Here's how can you use this:

  • Want to see all Customers you called last week? Easy.
  • Need to see all the leads you didn't email in the last month? Done.
  • Looking to see all the partners you had a meeting with in the last quarter? Yep, that too.

Here's a quick example of how to filter by Activity type:

Filtering by contacts with no calls in the last month

3. Pin notes at the top of the Activity Feed 📌

We’ve also added the ability to pin any note or custom activity type to the top of the Activity feed on any record—this makes it WAYYY easier to spot and flag notes on accounts or contacts you want to keep top of mind. Here's help on how to pin a note.

Once you pin a note or other activity it'll look like this:

Note: You can unpin at anytime!

4. Reorder fields into collapsible sections ⏬

You can now rearrange the order of fields on any record view! AND.... Group fields into sections that you can collapse to organize and find the information you need faster. Yep, you read that right. Complete flexibility to customize your record layouts.

It's as easy as dragging and dropping. Ask your Copper admin to set up sections in order to group fields by to clean up your view.

When it's set up, you can collapse a group of fields for a cleaner view into you contacts and accounts

(READ: no more scrolling!) 👇

5. You can now disable "To-Dos" from the Activity Feed 📋

This update helps users declutter the activity feed on records. The To-Do activity type does not count toward interaction stats or the Activity by User report so we've added the ability to remove it to reduce confusion.

Copper admins can remove this Activity Type—here's how.

Once you've done that, you will no longer have this option in the dropdown menu for logging an activity 👇

We’re rolling out a bunch more updates like these in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Check out what else is new in Copper: see the monthly product updates.

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