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New Name, Who Dis?—Now You Can Rename Records in Copper!

You asked. We delivered.

With the latest release of Copper, you can now rename the main records in Copper to better suit your specific business terminology. Though Copper’s default record names are common across many industries, there may be instances where it makes sense for you to rename the various record types to better suit your specific industry.

default system names in copper crm.

Do you call potential business contacts ‘Prospects’...not ‘Leads’? No problem. Just rename the 'Lead' record to 'Prospect' in a few clicks. 👍

easily rename records in copper crm.

Perhaps your contacts are all ‘Agents’ or ‘Brokers’, or maybe you don’t even manage $$-based sales opportunities but rather applicants through a process—you can rename 'Opportunities' to 'Applications' and manage them through a recruitment process.

Changing the record names to suit your business naming conventions can be incredibly helpful in speeding up your team’s adoption of a new CRM.

Here are some common renames we’ve seen so far

Renaming examples:

  • Leads → Prospects
  • People → Contacts
  • People → Agents
  • People → Brokers
  • Companies → Customers
  • Companies → Clients
  • Companies → Vendors
  • Companies → Organizations

...the sky’s the limit for what you can name your records.

Managing record types is available on the Professional and Business plan—read more about how it works here.

Want to change you record names today? Have your Copper admin navigate to the Settings page, under Manage Record Types and edit the names.

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