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ProsperWorks Announces $7.5M in Series A Funding

Last week, we proudly announced the completion of our Series A financing.

This is a major milestone and we could not be more excited. We plan to use the funds for ongoing development and innovation on our smart and simple CRM for Google Apps.

We started ProsperWorks a year and a half ago because CRM was something we personally struggled with as entrepreneurs. CRM had become a four-letter word and took more time to maintain than it was worth for the results you got.

We believe that business software should be as simple and easy to use as the apps you use in your personal life. We believe that CRM should be seamlessly integrated into the tools you already use. And, we believe that CRM should help you “be smarter” by automating mundane tasks and giving you recommendations on things you can do to grow your business faster.

We partnered with Google, the communication and collaboration platform for millions of growing companies, to reinvent CRM from the ground up to make it more useful and accessible.

And this is only the beginning for us. We are passionate about helping other entrepreneurs. We know the creativity and hard work that goes into building something out of nothing.

Entrepreneurs are the cradle of innovation. We believe that if we can help other entrepreneurs, we can, in effect, help make the world a better place. And our investors clearly agree. We’re committed to making you more successful and plan to use this funding to continue to do exactly that. The ProsperWorks Team

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