New reports, now live

New reports, now live

Easy access to your business insights and team productivity with reimagined, redesigned, and redeveloped Reports

When we first began thinking about redesigning Reports to create the ideal reporting solution, we started with one of Copper’s key tenets: to provide a CRM truly built for the end customer. One of the problems with traditional CRM is that manual input and maintenance can take hours a week in order to get relevant reports and business insights. But we know that businesses just don’t operate that way. We believe that CRM should capture information automatically, in the background, while team members work. That way when it’s time to create a report, all the data is there and it only takes one click to see the data exactly the way you want it.

Make better informed, more intelligent decisions, quickly

I'm personally so excited to have launched new reports. We spent months rebuilding the system, with input from many beta customers and careful evaluation of the best technology. We understand that our customers need to be able to make quick, informed business decisions. And to us, focusing on end-user behavior meant automating data, and making the process really painless … so when customers use the system, it just works.

Sales leaders intuitively know what insights they need — but can’t always put them together easily. With Reports, you can now access or build these insights easily, in one place, from one single source of truth. Pre-built templates and customizable dashboards enable users to skip the tedious work of mining through raw data, or turning to a busy analyst or other resources for answers. Our ready-to-go templates provide quick reports that handle all of the most common questions. Copper customers can also access a much deeper level of customization needed in a fast, user-friendly way. Reports that can easily take weeks or, sometimes, a month to put together are now generated in minutes.

Know your business — on the spot, in one place

Reports is the place where customers can see what the team’s been doing each week, who’s doing what, what deals are in the pipeline, and more.

You don’t have to wonder how your business is doing or what your team’s been up to anymore. With new Reports, you'll know. Now, you can truly stay within Copper to manage all your relationships and read your business like a book. The clarity Copper Reports delivers in understanding your customer relationships and business performance will help your brand find its superpower in 2021.

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