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Shop small with some of our favorite Copper retailers this Small Business Saturday

From chocolates to skincare, there’s something for everyone on your list

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Author photo: Katrina Oko-Odoi

Katrina Oko-Odoi

Sr. Content Marketing Manager

With yet another strange year in the books, there’s something comforting about diving into the beloved holiday traditions that bring us joy. For our team at Copper, these traditions include featuring some of our fave small-business retailers who form part of the Copper community. We’re all about shopping local and small (when possible) from brands that care about their community, source sustainably, and help keep our local economies running.

Plus, getting to know each company’s story and supporting the people behind the brands inspires us. So, this Small Business Saturday, consider starting your holiday shopping right here, with these 7 Copper retailers.

7 small businesses to shop from this holiday season

From yummy treats to sustainable vegan makeup and swoon-worthy bikes, feast your eyes on these unique retailers from across the U.S.

tinyB chocolate: Outrageous taste with a Brazilian soul

Who can resist a founding story with love at the center? tinyB chocolate was born from the romance between Brazilian chocolatier Renata and San Francisco tech entrepreneur Andrei, who fell in love, got married, and started tinyB in their own kitchen. Specializing in brigadeiros, which are “Brazil's favorite treat, a bite-sized chocolate delight” that are creamy and packed with flavor, they were eager to bring a taste of Brazil to the Bay Area. Now nearly 8 years later, they have a dedicated commercial facility and beautiful event space in San Francisco, and a buzzing eCommerce business with shipping across the continental US.

Renata shares:

“The highlight of 2022 was nailing our package design so that it reflects our culture and mood. Also, we completed our dream team of employees with the final few, amazing hires that we needed.”

What we’re eyeing: This season, on top of their traditional chocolate truffle gifts, tinyB is offering chocolate experience kits for groups or families to have a fun, delicious, and creative experience together. Happy tasting!

Malie: Organic beauty and home products infused with Hawaiian botanicals

Founded out of a love for the Garden Island of Kauai by Dana Roberts and her husband Shaun, Malie (pronounced mah-lee-ay) has been offering the essence of Hawaii through skincare, body, and home products for over 15 years. Locally-sourced Hawaiian botanicals are the foundation of every product, made from organic, all-natural, cruelty-free ingredients.

Dana shares about the highlight of 2022 for their brand:

“The launch of Malie Organics’ Eco-Refill Glass Collection. Given the pure and organic personality of Malie’s products, I’ve been working hard to also make the packaging more environmentally friendly. By using glass and reducing the creation of virgin plastic, I can do my part to help reduce our carbon footprint.”

What we’re eyeing: Beyond their clean skincare and body products, don’t miss Malie’s exquisite tropical gift sets — perfect for the holidays. Aloha!

Daneson: The finest toothpicks

Who knew toothpicks could be elegant and — dare we say — handsome? Peter Smith did when he launched Daneson (the brand name is a play on Danish son, his family heritage). Their toothpicks are made from American northern white birch and bathed in premium ingredients like single malt scotch or Kentucky bourbon, delivering “a fine spirit or taste experience.” A family business based in Toronto, Canada, Daneson works with independent family-owned suppliers. But what about the trees, you ask? As part of their 1:100 Plan, for every one tree they mill, one hundred more are planted in its place.

For Peter, simplicity is the name of the game. Looking ahead to 2023, he says:

“Even though we only sell one thing, I'm most looking forward to further simplifying Daneson in 2023. We've been around since 2011, and a surprising amount of debris and complexity has built up over the years.”

What we’re eyeing: The Bourbon No. 22 4-Bottle Box is the perfect complement for a good bottle of Kentucky straight bourbon. Plus, we love the subscription option for gift recipients who could use a regular supply of flavored toothpicks.

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Partake Foods: Tasty allergy-friendly baked goods for all

Nobody said allergy-friendly treats shouldn’t taste good — and with 1 in 13 children affected by food allergies in the US, Denise Woodard set out to create delicious food for all. When her daughter was diagnosed with several food allergies, Denise founded Partake Foods to offer peace of mind to those with food allergies and other dietary restrictions. All Partake products are certified vegan, certified gluten-free, non-GMO and free of the top 9 allergens (wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, milk, eggs, soy, fish, sesame and shellfish).

On what lies ahead for Partake Foods, Denise says:

“I’m very excited about our current innovation efforts that will lead us into 2023 as we launch not one but multiple new products to make safe, allergy-friendly snacking even more shareable. Stay tuned!”

What we’re eyeing: For the hard-to-gift family, a delicious cookie variety pack is sure to satisfy everyone’s cravings this season — from crunchy to soft, or the best of both worlds.

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Solé Bicycles: Start living your life by bike

Created by a group of friends in Venice Beach with the vision to introduce fashion forward yet affordable bicycles that anyone can pick up and ride, Solė Bicycle Company has been doing just that since 2009. The team ships bikes directly to your doorstep 90% assembled, so you can skip the bike-shop hassle. And did we mention, these are some great-looking bikes?

Despite it being a more difficult year in 2022, Paul Oakley and his co-founders are:

“Looking towards turning over a new leaf to a fresh year with no asterisks next to it in 2023! We’re excited about a few new products we have in development and are planning to release them this coming year. Stay tuned for more to come on this soon!”

What we’re eyeing: We never heard of a Dutch step-through bike until now, but we’re here for it! A low swooping top tube makes getting on and off the “Dutchie” a breeze — you literally step through and sit. A perfect gift for the casual cruiser. Enjoy the ride!

Chella: Clean, vegan makeup for everyone

A mission to empower internal and external beauty drove Chella founder Chris Kolodziejski to launch this SoCal-based clean makeup brand — inspired by his mother’s example as a female entrepreneur. Specializing in vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free brow and eye makeup, Chella’s vision is for beauty, wellness and sustainability to work in the same space.

Looking back at 2022, Chris shares:

“We’ve spent the last 3 years focusing on our internal initiative of 'Clean Beauty That Cares' — making sure all of our Formulas are Paraben Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Gluten-Free. In addition, we became Carbon and Plastic Neutral this year. These are pillars for us and we are looking forward to continuing to lead in this area with these pillars as foundations for us to grow.”

What we’re eyeing: We’re loving Chella’s made-for-you makeup kits. As the brow experts, you can’t go wrong with their eyebrow pencil or cream kits.

Bagito: Reusable bags for good

The team at Bagito truly embodies what it means to build a more sustainable future. This reusable sustainable products retailer has its roots in philanthropy when founder Mitch Barlas started an environmental literacy nonprofit, Power2Sustain, that teaches and empowers youth to sustain their planet. Bagito emerged as a commercial sister company, crafting sustainable gifts while continuing to give back.

From produce bags to zippable storage bags and bamboo cutlery, every product they sell is made from 100% recycled and/or natural materials and is extremely durable, made to be reused hundreds and hundreds of times. Their Take-Back Program takes things full circle, recycling or upcycling used Bagito products from customers when they’ve reached the end of their useful lifespan.

Reflecting on the year, Mitch says:

“2022 was a special year for Bagito in that after 2 years of working remotely or with little to no face-to-face interactions, Bagito had the honor of attending several in-person events this year where like-minded businesses met to network on ways to promote corporate brands while keeping the planet in mind. We look forward to providing amazing products and services in 2023 to empower impactful change in people's lives through reusable and sustainable products. We are firm believers that small personal changes can make a powerful impact, especially in a collective setting and we look forward to a continued commitment to sustainable practices from our valued clients."

What we’re eyeing: For anyone looking to up their sustainability, Bagito’s starter kits offer a wonderful foundation – especially the Sustainable Kitchen Kit and the Sustainability On-the-Go Kit.

So, this Small Business Saturday, make an impact while you shop

Every retailer on this list is making a difference through their business, and we encourage you to help them make a bigger impact this Small Business Saturday. We certainly will.

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