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How Social x Data Introduces Copper to their Clients

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SOCIAL X DATA (SXD) was born out of the necessity to proliferate knowledge and information in the most direct fashion. This team strives to organize businesses from the ground up and as they bring on new clients, introducing them to Copper has become an integral part of the process.

Small Business Experts

As part of the SXD team, Julia Murphy and her colleagues “love setting up small businesses, and then growing them and turning them around.” Her team works with companies to execute everything from data management to social media, even implementing CRM software.

Problem Solving with Copper

In Julia’s experience, a company’s size does not factor into the need for CRM -- “it’s a necessity, regardless.” However, it can be more of a challenge for teams with fewer people: “The businesses I work with are so small, and a lot of the time, they have no experience working with CRM systems.”

Julia goes on to say, “Small businesses have a terrible reputation for managing customer data. I keep finding clients using a spreadsheet with no backup. SXD works to ensure these companies retain information and keep it safe - this is where CRM comes into play.” (Here's how to make leaving Excel behind easier.)

To help ease her clients into applying CRM to their workflow, simplicity is key. “When shopping around for CRMs, I look at how easy the system is to use, along with its interface. I need to ask ‘is it intuitive? How steep is the learning curve?’ before I make a decision. And with Copper, the shoe always fits.”

Enhancing Collaboration

As soon as Julia implements Copper with one of her clients, she immediately consults with them to discuss how they’re using the system. “I work with people of all ages, and Copper has streamlined each of these teams.” Because she is in their accounts daily, she “can watch them collaborate in real-time, on a company-wide scale.”

Customizing with Integrations

When it comes to small businesses, they’re “either simple or complex,” says Julia. “We use an API to tailor integration needs for each and every client so that they can be completely hands off.”

Julia goes on to say, “I’m a huge fan of Copper’s scalability and integration capabilities.” When introducing new applications to clients, Google for Work is her “go-to” as “it is a game changer in the SMB space.”

Turning Angry Customers into Advocates

“If you’re able to convert an unhappy customer, you will often find that they will turn into your happiest client,” says Julia.

In her experience, Copper has been essential throughout the process, as it eliminates the need to sort through numerous repositories of customer data. After identifying customer pain points via communications logged in Copper, Julia “steps in and speak with a level of intelligence that can smooth out rough edges among customers.”

At the end of the day, “people just want to be heard and have the opportunity to grow from your product or service.”

As SXD believes “every business deserves a chance to get started with the help of a trained eye and mind,” the team at Copper is excited to be one of the tools recommended throughout the process.

Find out more about Social x Data here.

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