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There's a Zap for That!

You already know how easy Copper makes managing your entire sales process. But what if you want to integrate other that apps you and your team use daily?

We partnered up with the team at Zapier to present how integrations can help with everything from automating sales processes to streamlining team communication. Zapier connects Copper to 750+ apps, moving information between the apps you use at work so you can focus on selling more. These “Zaps” require no additional code and allow you to put the busy work on autopilot and get more done.In the webinar below, learn how Zapier and Copper:

  • Helped the team at Privo (a Boston-based company that helps businesses migrate to AWS) automate their entire sales process and send proposals faster
  • Allowed Ubilabs (a company that develops interactive maps using Google Maps' API) celebrate team wins virtually
  • And much, much more!

The webinar also features insider tips and tricks from the Copper team, as well as a 30-minute Q&A session with Copper and Zapier customers.

Check it out below, or find out more about Copper & Zapier here.

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