What is Google Workspace?

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If you’re a G Suite user, chances are that you’ve gotten a message from Google about their new solution, Google Workspace.

So, what is Google Workspace and what are the applications? Let’s take a look.

Introducing Google Workspace: What is it?

In short, G Suite has gotten a rebrand. This move is more than just rebranding, though. Google Workspace brings together all of Google’s productivity apps and puts them in one seamless, integrated productivity suite.

Google Workspace includes familiar tools like Gmail, Google Meet, Chat, Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Sites, Keep, Forms, and Currents all in one location. Familiar features like shared calendars will still be available. This new interface provides an integrated user experience, creating an all-in-one collaboration tool that communicating and working together easier and more efficient.

Some examples of the improved efficiency include:

  • The ability to preview linked files in Sheets, Docs, and Slides without opening a new tab
  • When you @mention someone in a doc, their contact details will appear along with suggested actions

One of the best examples of Google’s new emphasis on collaboration comes with Google Meet. Users can video conference on Meet while simultaneously collaborating in real-time in Google Sheets, Google Docs, or Google Slides.

Ultimately, Google Workspace is Google’s answer to the work-from-anywhere culture that sprung up in 2020. Google hopes to bridge the gap and make sure human connection and collaboration stay at the center of today’s increasingly digital and distributed world.

The new look and pricing tiers

If you haven’t seen the emails or updates in your Google account, you’ve probably noticed the visual rebranding. Now, all of Google’s tools have a similar feeling and motif. It’s all part of their mission to unify their offerings in a single productivity suite.

Like G Suite, Google Workspace has different pricing tiers so every company can find one that fits their specific needs. The four pricing tiers for businesses are:

  • Business Starter - $6 per user, per month

This first tier is perfect for small or new companies. It allows up to one hundred people on video conferencing and offers 30GB cloud storage per user. Plus, it comes with a secure business email and standard customer support.

  • Business Standard - $12 per user, per month

This second tier allows up to 150 people in a video meeting and includes video recording. It also increases the cloud storage to 2T per user. Like Business Starter, this plan includes standard support, but you can upgrade to enhanced support for a fee.

  • Business Plus - $18 per user, per month

The video participant count goes up to 250 concurrent users with this tier. It includes the video recording option from Business Standard and has attendance tracking. Cloud storage is increased again to 5TB per user. Standard support is included, but you can upgrade to enhanced support for a fee.

  • Enterprise – Custom pricing

Enterprise includes everything from the previous plans. However, the emails are more secure, and noise cancellation and in-domain live streaming are included with the video meetings. There is unlimited storage in the enterprise plan, plus enhanced security and support. Premium support is also an option for an added fee.

Getting started

If you’re already using G Suite, Google will be in touch with how to transition your account. Your G Suite admin will remain your Google Workspace admin. If you don’t have G Suite, getting started with Google Workspace is as simple as signing up.

If you’re a Copper CRM user, there’s no need to fret. We’re the only CRM made for Google Workspace. Copper works instantly and intuitively with Workspace, just like we’ve always done with G Suite.

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