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Why UrbanVolt Chose Copper to Help Scale Business

Why UrbanVolt Chose Copper to Help Scale Business

UrbanVolt was founded to address the old-fashioned approach to business within the lighting industry - getting paid before a customer can experience any savings.

Combining skills from corporate finance (Kevin Maughan CEO), property management (Declan Barrett CCO) and logistics (Graham Deane COO), UrbanVolt invests their capital installing energy-efficient LED lighting for businesses, carrying the installation for no upfront cost, with an agreement to split the energy savings between both parties over five years. Eliminating all risk for its clients, UrbanVolt has transformed the energy efficiency market in Ireland, accelerating the move from purchasing products to service delivery agreements.

After an abundance of positive press (a €30 million funding announcement AND sponsoring the Leinster Rugby jersey), UrbanVolt’s marketing team needed to keep up with the high volume of inbound leads coming in. Luckily, they already had Copper in place - a solution they implemented before they even had a single client.

Head of Marketing, Edel Kennedy, recalls their CEO testing a number of the different system before finally settling on Copper. “We wanted a solution which would allow us to scale so that when we started getting inbounds and deal flow, we would be able to handle it with ease,” she says. “Copper was the clear choice for our team. There was no learning curve since it works seamlessly with G Suite, where we spend the majority of our day.”

While UrbanVolt’s business development team is highly dependent on Copper, Edel also implemented the system on the marketing front. She immediately appreciated how the CRM could provide a clear snapshot of UrbanVolt’s pipeline. “A lot of CRMs make it really easy to get bogged down in detail. I loved how Copper allowed me to simply log in and have a high-level overview of what’s going on in the company.”

With the countless inbounds they’re receiving, Edel and her team can easily use Copper to see what’s happening with any opportunity, at any time. They can also differentiate between the channels a client came in through. So whether it’s a demand generation campaign, or the result of a paper or radio interview, logging lead sources in Copper allows UrbanVolt to have a better sense of which initiatives are working.

Edel’s team is also using Copper to segment UrbanVolt’s audiences. “Because we can record location, industry type etc., Copper allows us to target relevant communications to those audiences.” They’re taking their marketing efforts a step further by sending out personalized emails throughout various steps of the pipeline. By working with integration software like Zapier, they’re storing email templates inside of Copper, with the ability to adjust them for individual personalization.

Another important integration for the UrbanVolt team is using Google Sheets for reporting. The Google Sheets add-on for Copper allows their team to view opportunities by each owner at various stages in the sales cycle, so that they gain a better idea of when a deal will close. Reporting comes in handy when UrbanVolt is forecasting for inventory, as well.

As UrbanVolt continues to dominate the European lighting market (and beyond) with its Light as a Service, Copper is so excited to be helping them along the way. Learn more about UrbanVolt and how they’re revolutionizing the LED industry here.