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You Asked, We Listened...

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Liz Gonzalez

The last few months have been a whirlwind of amazing new and updated features to Copper.

We’ve dedicated ourselves on improving and fixing things that YOU, our customers have brought to our attention. Keep the feedback coming!

Here are the top 5 new (and newly updated) improvements in Copper:

1. You can now customize your dashboard ⚙️

Now, you can choose which dashboard cards Copper shows you, and it'll hide less relevant ones to declutter your screen. Every user can customize their own dashboard—here's how to do it.

customizing a dashboard in copper crm

2. Adjust the “Contact Type” when you win an Opportunity 👥💵

Now when you drag an Opportunity to the “Won” stage, you can choose which Contact Type you convert them to in Copper.

(Before, Copper defaulted to converting them to a “Current Customer.”)

With this enhancement, you can win an Opportunity and convert the associated contacts as any Contact Type that you've created—for example, making them a “Partner” or “Client.”

adjusting contact types in copper crm

P.S. You can now also rename and reorder "Potential Customer" and "Current Customer" dropdown options... woohoo! 👇

customizing contact types in copper crm

3. Rearrange the order and rename the dropdown menu for Sources 🔹

This enhancement for the dropdown menu will save you time and help you get better insights about the sources that your leads and opportunities are coming from.

Copper admins can now rename and reorder the dropdown selection for Sources in just a few clicks. Here's how to set it up:

opportunity sources in copper crm

Once you've done that, you can quickly tag where each contact came from! It looks like this:

contact sources in copper crm

4. Reorder and rename the dropdown menu options for Loss Reasons đź”»

We’ve also extended the same functionality for reordering and renaming the dropdown menu options for Loss Reasons when an Opportunity is marked as "Lost"—you can now adjust your Loss Reason options and reorder them for faster data entry.

Here's some more info for admins who want to adjust the Loss Reasons.

loss reasons in copper crm

After you've created the loss reasons options, you can quickly select one of those when reporting on lost opportunities:

lost opportunities in copper crm

5. We've also tackled a few other improvements and issues:

  • We added "Recommended next steps" to your dashboard as a reminder to prompt you to take action based on upcoming tasks and meetings.
  • We stomped out some email syncing bugs for better performance.
  • Exporting your data now reflects the date format you specify in your account: MM/DD/YY --> MM/DD/YY and DD/MM/YYYY --> DD/MM/YYYY (we think our international customers will love this 😍📆)
  • Timestamps when importing are now flexible—you can now set the "Created at Date" when importing data! For example, you can import "Jim Halpert" as a contact today but say that "Jim Halpert became a customer on 4/28."

We’re rolling out a bunch more updates like these in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Check out what else is new in Copper: see the monthly product updates.

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