Customer Feedback tools
Customer Feedback Tools

7 best customer feedback tools of 2019

And a CRM that ties all your relationships together.

No matter how well you think you know your customers, by using social media, asking question and tools such as Google Analytics, you’ll never be able to read their minds—that’s where customer feedback tools come in. Think of these programs for your online surveys as a window into your customers’ hearts and brains.

The best survey software not only collects valuable data, but it analyzes customer feedback and turns it into actionable insights that help your company grow too.

Here are seven of the best customer feedback tools and survey tools of 2019:

find out how your customers really feel about your business with an online survey

Survey Monkey large
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What makes SurveyMonkey unique from other customer feedback survey tools, is that it allows you to create unlimited, highly customizable surveys on an encrypted platform. Define your target audience, analyze data, and share it with your team in a single dashboard to achieve customer satisfaction.

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Hotjar specializes in helping you better understand user behavior on your website, then uses that data to create and distribute customized polls and surveys.

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GetFeedback is a highly brandable and easy-to-distribute survey creation platform which is beneficial to beginners using customer feedback survey tools. Use it to create beautiful surveys and get detailed, real-time analytics delivered to your dashboard.

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Confirmit is a comprehensive survey and customer feedback platform that maps data from various sources and consolidates them into a central hub. It specializes in helping companies turn large amounts of complex customer survey data into actionable insights in real time.

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Retently delivers high response rates without the high price tag than some other customer feedback survey software features and comes with a full range of features for customer satisfaction, including easy automation and AI-driven data analytics.

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Qualtrics Research Core

Qualtrics Research Core takes a scientific approach to collecting survey data with tested templates and carefully crafted designs, not to mention advanced testing, distribution, and integration features.

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SurveyGizmo is the go-to customer feedback software for companies that need full control over layout and design, but still need reporting and analytics features to set up a customer feedback survey.

best customer feedback tools

What’s your favorite customer feedback tool?

Your customers know what they want and how they feel—you just have to ask them beyond social media. Customer feedback software bridges that gap between you and your customers, then turns that feedback into useful data to grow your business.

Some of the tools covered in this article, like Qualtrics Research Core, take split testing to the next level—others, like SurveyMonkey, provide a simple platform for quickly building effective surveys. What’s your favorite customer feedback tool and survey tool?