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8 Best E-Signature Tools of 2019

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Signing and faxing documents is slow and cumbersome, and that’s where e-signature tools come to the rescue—they allow people from all over the world to sign the same document in the blink of an eye.

A great e-signature tool should be intuitive and user-friendly. After all, nobody wants to waste time figuring out how to sign a document. Security is a big concern too, since most legally binding documents aren’t meant to be shared with the world.

When it’s time to sign on the dotted line, the following programs can help you quickly collect important signatures securely.

Here are eight of the best e-signature tools of 2019:

electronically sign your documents anywhere

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HelloSign’s intuitive interface makes it easy for teams of up to 20 people to sign legally binding documents from anywhere in the world. It integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of business apps to increase efficiency and improve workflow.

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PandaDoc takes the pain out of collecting e-signatures with a collaboration-friendly interface and easy-to-use form creator. Create media-rich documents and share them with your team in a single click.

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Whether you need to approve a purchase or close a sale, DocuSign makes it easy to safely and securely sign important documents from anywhere in the world.

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Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign’s full range of integrations and intuitive interface let you hit the ground running—or should I say signing? You have the peace of mind knowing that they’re in full compliance with a broad range of security standards and legal requirements.

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SignEasy reduces paperwork turnaround times with its minimalistic user interface and full range of integrations. Improve customer experience and cut down on busy work with this mobile-responsive e-signature platform.

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SignNow is a feature-rich e-signature tool that produces great-looking signatures on Android, iOS, and desktop devices. Its full range of integrations and simple user interface make it easy to implement, automate, and scale.

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RightSignature helps companies get important documents signed fast in a safe and secure network. It’s simple for first-timers to use and integrates easily with other business apps.

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Signable is one of Europe’s leading e-signature platforms. Use it to upload and send legally binding documents in a safe and secure environment. Signable follows all European e-signature regulations and features flexible payment options.

What’s your favorite e-signature tool?

It’s no longer acceptable to wait days or weeks for a client to sign and return critical documents. Time is money, and the digital age allows companies to do business at lightning speed.

Not only do e-signature tools help cut down on response time, but they also improve workflow by allowing you to automate and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Most e-signature tools are mobile-friendly and create great-looking signatures that can be sent and returned in minutes. What features are most important to you in an e-signature tool?