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5 Ways for Sales to Prospect More Effectively

We partnered with PersistIQ to talk about 5 ways you can improve your sales prospecting in 2019.

We’re excited to bring in our host and CEO of PersistIQ, Pouyan, to share effective ways to prospect better in this on-demand webinar.

Register today to learn how to:

  • Reach more prospects
  • Personalize your sales communications at scale
  • Prospect, engage, and close leads all from one system

Find out how your sales teams can prospect better and close more deals!

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5 Ways for Sales to Prospect More Effectively

Sales prospecting can be insanely time-consuming and honestly, just flat-out exhausting. Especially if you just spent all day doing it.

Hosted By:

Pouyun Salehi

Liz Gonzalez

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5 Ways for Sales to Prospect More Effectively
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