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The Key to Efficiently Running Your Brokerage

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Here's the thing. If a brokerage wants to be successful, its real estate agents need to be responsive.

Why? - Nearly 50% of homebuyers say that responsiveness is the #1 trait they look for in an agent—ahead of professionalism, local expertise and experience.

Check out this webinar as we talk about:

  • How a CRM can help your brokerage manage an entire network of contacts
  • How to automate follow-ups across thousands of relationships so that you never forget a task or meeting
  • The secret to being more responsive — even when you’re on the go
  • And more!

Agents are busy, managing anywhere from hundreds to thousands of relationships. Watch now to get some clear direction on how to level-up your client management tools.


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The Key to Efficiently Running Your Brokerage

Your brokerage isn’t running as efficiently as it could be. With just one piece of software, you can be more organized and start closing more deals.

Hosted By:

Anya Gayvoronskaya

Senior Account Executive

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The Key to Efficiently Running Your Brokerage
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