11 Ways to Maintain Sales Momentum

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Author photo: Kent Holland

Kent Holland

Vice President of Sales at Copper

For any business that wants to be successful, optimizing sales performance is a must.

No matter how strong your marketing tactics are, sales performance is the driver of revenue and ultimately, the representation of the health of a business as a whole.

However, adapting to all the changes a business may go through is not always easy for sales teams.

The pressure they work under each day to reach goals or maximize their quotas, can leave them feeling disengaged and unfulfilled.

A team with low morale often results in missed quotas and poor customer relationships.

Here are 11 quick tips to optimize your sales performance.

Tip 1: Break up your goals

Large goals are daunting to look at and even harder to achieve. One of the best ways to work through a goal from start to completion is by breaking it into smaller workable pieces.

Making smaller goals within your larger target number makes a goal feel more attainable.

Tip 2: Think like a prospect

This goes without saying, but sales team must be in the mind frame that customers will only purchase items that help their business.

This means that sales teams should focus on selling items that a consumer actually wants and will provide them value, rather than just pushing items that your business is trying to promote.

Sales reps must listen and do a proper discovery with prospective clients to find what aspects of their product will help most.

Tip 3: Give your team credit

As a team leader, it may be tempting to take the credit for yourself when your team accomplishes or exceeds a goal. However, this could result in lower morale, which creates disengaged employees.

Disengaged employees are less likely to see goals through, which results in lower sales.

By giving your team credit where it is due, you’re encouraging future successes and allowing employees to grow and expand their careers.

Tip 4: Make your mission clear

Sales teams are only as good as the leaders taking them forward. If you’re not clear when communicating your goals to your team, they won’t understand how to see them through.

Give the specific number of units or an exact revenue number you need to attain and most importantly, give your team a why.

If they understand why they are working toward a goal, it will further motivate them to achieve it.

Tip 5: Listen to individual needs

Each individual that makes up a team is unique, especially when it comes to training on the job.

Some team members need additional help, whereas others will flourish when given space and independence to get things done.

Offer increased attention to those who need it in order to help build the team and improve morale.

Tip 6: Don’t forget your customers

In the pursuit of developing new clientele, many sales teams overlook the potential that lies within their existing customers. It’s important to keep in mind that existing customers are the lifeline of a business.

These are opportunities you can tap into for potential expansion and upsell, but most importantly, get feedback on your sales process and your product.

They’ve had experience with how you work through a deal, and they are a goldmine for ideas on how to improve.

Tip 7: Implement tools to gauge health

Support system tools are tools that will help you get a read on the health of your team’s performance and ideally the health of your business overall.

They help you track everything from sales activity and lead status to conversion rates and revenue generated.

These types of tools can include strategy worksheets, lead generation forms, and pipeline forecasting.

Having solid data will enable you to make informed decisions on where you can improve instead of going off gut feeling.

Tip 8: Provide performance-based incentives

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more effective way to motivate a team than added rewards.

The competitive nature of a salesperson is always brought out when they know they have even more to win than commission. However, it’s important for sales leaders to offer incentives strategically.

Giving incentives to your sales team for every goal they’re trying to achieve may not be the best practice as it may lose its unique appeal.

The incentive doesn’t always have to come with a price tag. You know what motivates your team the most, so tailor it to something that will really fire them up.

Tip 9: Specialize your sales team

This is a practice that successful businesses use to improve their employee engagement and to increase sales.

Dividing the sales team into two groups gives one group the room to qualify leads, while the other group closes them.

By letting each team focus on a specific area of your sales funnel, the two teams can better focus, prioritize their tasks, and define a winning process, so they can set each other up for success and ultimately sell more as a team.

Tip 10: Make room for self-improvement

Sales teams aren’t perfect and neither are team leaders. The same way a team leader assesses their team, they should also assess themselves.

Are you meeting your goals? Are you communicating efficiently, or is there confusion surrounding your instructions? Is your team responding to the next steps?

Analyzing yourself as a manager helps to improve the way you present information to your team, which in turn creates a smoother working environment and more effective mentorship.

Tip 11: Prioritize coaching

Even sales teams who do well on their own need to be coached from time to time.

Some sales managers claim that they don’t have enough time to work closely with their teams; however, coaching is the number one way to build a sales teams’ confidence and drive revenue faster.

Make the time to coach your team, and they’ll close more deals and in turn improve sales.

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