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Best of the Copper blog: 2022 content roundup

Hybrid work, economic uncertainty, business growth strategies, oh my!

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Author photo: Katrina Oko-Odoi

Katrina Oko-Odoi

Sr. Content Marketing Manager

It’s been a year, and while we have no intention (or desire) to recap the events of 2022, we are taking this opportunity to look back on some of the notable topics and conversations that we covered over the past 12 months on the blog.

From continued discussions around working and networking virtually, to finding ways to succeed as a small business owner in the midst of volatility, identifying new strategies for business growth and efficiency, and ways that our own customers are thriving with Copper CRM, we covered a lot of ground. These content gems stand the test of time — so dive in and see what new insights you glean.

The virtual-hybrid reality continues

Sure, work-from-home is old news — but organizations continue to develop and improve strategies to navigate the challenges that have come with our more virtual daily reality. Whether your company has stayed fully remote or gone hybrid, there are important considerations around ensuring equity in a non-traditional workspace. And when it comes to networking and building new business relationships, the landscape has evolved too. Let’s take a look:

An equitable tech checkup

What is “collaboration equity” and how healthy is it at your organization? Discover tips and a process for getting started with addressing equity in a virtual/hybrid workspace.

Hello, virtual networking

Professional networking strategies are changing. We cover how to build and grow business connections, virtually — without sacrificing results.

Seeking success in a volatile market

Even before whispers of recession hit people’s lips, the business world was already experiencing some tough volatility coming out of the COVID-19 s***-storm. But what we saw, especially from entrepreneurs and small business owners, was a new type of hustle centered around adapting. Fast-forward 12 months and recession is closer to reality, but we’ve gathered tips and strategies to help keep your organization safe and financially healthy — including adjusting to your customers’ changing expectations. Dive in:

The hustle in 2022: what it takes to thrive, now

We find inspiration in resilient business leaders and entrepreneurs and pinpoint some common factors, from a people-focused approach to ongoing investments in tech.

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Recession-proofing your small business in 6 steps

Technically, it’s impossible to fully “recession-proof” a business — but there are steps you can take to help protect business during an economic downturn, and we’ve got all the details for you.

Your customers’ expectations have changed. Has your business changed with them?

Customer experience is no longer about having a clear return policy or customer service line for people to call for support. As society and technology have evolved, so too have your customers’ expectations. How to adjust and retain your best customers.

Driving small business growth and efficiency

As a smaller organization, you’re always looking for smart ways to increase your team’s efficiency while also driving business growth. From new marketing tactics to improving time management, we’re full of tips to help you get there.

11 video types to drive growth with video marketing for business

There’s no avoiding video these days — customers expect it, and it moves the needle when it comes to revenue. Here are some different video types to explore, even if your budget is tight.

A 4-step process for customer research (plus a worksheet)

A strong marketing program starts with knowing exactly who you’re marketing to. But figuring that out is harder than one might think. We’ve broken the process into 4 easy steps, and created a simple worksheet to help you follow along.

5 tips for Google Calendar time blocking

Time blocking may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do it (or have never heard of it). Once you implement a calendar-blocking strategy into your workday, it can be a serious game-changer. We wrote a step-by-step guide to help you put it into practice.

Bring your business goals to life in 6 steps (and another worksheet!)

The more defined and actionable your business goals are, the more likely you are to meet them. Here’s how to pull in your team and create clear goals for the coming year, with a worksheet to help put things into action.

Thriving with Copper CRM

For many Copper customers, CRM is at the heart of their business success. We’re exploring how Copper approaches CRM, plus some small business success stories to see how businesses in different industries find value with Copper.

The unabridged Copper CRM glossary

Our comprehensive list of CRM definitions helps make sure we’re all speaking the same language when it comes to Copper CRM features and capabilities.

Campfire Labs uses Copper to automate and eliminate tedious, manual tasks

How a sales team of one automated tasks for their small creative agency using Copper.

Egan uses Copper’s mobile app to keep its distributed team on the same page

Being able to access CRM on the go can have a pretty powerful impact on business operations, as specialty contractor Egan Company discovered.

Much more to come in 2023

We can’t wait to continue the discussion of all things small business, marketing, sales and CRM with you in the new year. Until then, stay safe and warm!

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