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Copper news - 2 min READ

Case study: Diag Partners graduates from spreadsheets to Copper, improves data integrity

Boutique recruiting firm tracks 105+ job openings and 50,000+ applicants simultaneously

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Carrie Shaw

Chief Marketing Officer

The talent acquisition industry may be buzzing, but successful recruiting for high-target job positions remains an art. Co-founders and brothers Joe and Carl Saad of Michigan-based recruiting firm Diag Partners can attest to this delicate dance. Which is why their recruiting model avoids job posting sites altogether — opting instead for personalized recruiting efforts through direct outreach to potential candidates.

For several years, the company got by with spreadsheets to track clients’ job openings on one end, and a growing list of candidates on the other. But when it got to the point where it felt like playing the telephone game — passing along information lacking in detail and accuracy as it traveled from sales to admin to recruiters to account managers — they needed a solution, fast.

Diag was on the lookout for a comprehensive system that offered granular customization and Gmail integration for automatic syncing of contact and email data, in addition to flexibility to sync with other tools using Zapier. Copper won out for its ease of use, supporting Diag leaders’ goal of increasing employee happiness by removing the bothersome busywork from people’s work days.

“Since I’m the primary administrator, it doesn’t require our users to do a lot of data entry — plus the data integrity is really good.” –Carl Saad, Diag Co-Founder & Operations Partner

Building a central REQ wall to track all job openings

Carl’s wishlist included the ability to customize a pipeline to his heart’s content — and with Copper’s custom fields, he did just that. “I went a little nuts on my customized fields. But it was pretty fun, frankly, because I finally found a system I could use.” The end result: a customized REQ wall that tracks every single client job opening that’s active at a given time. So far, they’ve tracked more than 105 openings at once, ensuring that no detail or requirement gets misplaced in the shuffle of recruitment.

Beyond the REQ wall, Diag also tracks potential clients’ job requirements and their pool of job applicants. With over 50,000 People records inside Copper — a number that’s growing every day — it’s a far cry from the limited spreadsheet-based system they relied on 5 years ago.

Catch Diag Partners’ story and all their results in the full case study here.

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