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Copper CRM vs HubSpot: the 4 big differences

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Author photo: Jessica Andrews

Jessica Andrews

VP Marketing

Shopping for a CRM and thinking about HubSpot and Copper? Here's a closer look at how they compare.

A CRM isn’t just the single source of truth for your business. We understand that you want a platform that your team loves — and that was built to cultivate human connections and boost your revenue.

Let's see how Copper CRM vs HubSpot stack up.

1) Copper doesn’t do hidden costs.

The HubSpot free CRM may seem cost-free — but “you get what you pay for.” The free version of HubSpot lacks or severely limits features (like limiting to one pipeline, or adding their HubSpot branding to outbound emails).

One reviewer remarked on the limited functionality of HubSpot, saying:

“Using HubSpot for sales … is a constant fight with the system. It is not intuitive and lacks an incredible amount of features. Features I never even considered being an option in a CRM until using HubSpot.”

HubSpot’s free, lower-cost plans, and significant discounts are designed to lure you in, but their strategy is to upsell you shortly after.

Copper solutions partner, Alex Bass, says, “many teams report that after the first year, once they've already invested in setting up the system — training their employees and mapping their processes to the software — they're hit with large renewal fees for the second year onward.”

Plus, HubSpot regularly changes their features as they launch new products, strategically pushing their customers to have to add back features they lost, so you end up paying more year over year. No business leader wants a nasty surprise when an important feature is taken away right when they’re getting ready to launch a new program or initiative

One reviewer lamented that “[Hubspot’s CRM] seems like a giant upsell to HubSpot's other services. During the setup process and when using it, you are bombarded with upgrade suggestions.”

Copper has all the CRM functions you need to build strong customer relationships and support ongoing sales efforts. Copper’s pricing is also transparent: What you see is what you get and we don’t charge for critical features after the fact. After all, long-term relationships with our customers are important to us — and nothing drives people away faster than continually asking for more money.

2) CRM is our one and only love.

At Copper, our goal is to give you a CRM that your team actually loves to adopt and use — so you can focus on growing your relationships — and your business.

We’re clear on our mission of helping small businesses build authentic and lasting relationships so they can win clients for life — and it shows in how we serve our customers. We’re proud to be the CRM for people who care about people.

As Alex Bass says, “If you're looking for a CRM that was built for relationships at the core, and team collaboration (internal/external) is important to you, Copper will be a great central hub for your team.”

Our team at Copper works to achieve this mission every day by providing an easy-to-learn CRM with a better experience. Think: automating data entry, simplifying your workflow, and providing an easy-to-use drag-and-drop pipeline — among many other features.

HubSpot began as a marketing automation system, and slowly built out their CRM, support, webpage and operations capabilities over time. Now, the company’s new goal is to take market share from Salesforce and position themselves as the ideal Enterprise solution. HubSpot is now focusing on features that enterprise companies need, while leaving their small business customers behind.

“As a small business sales manager, Professional and Enterprise HubSpot pricing are well outside what I’m prepared or able to pay, which means there’s elements of working around the functionality that I’m missing,” remarks one user.

So, in a head-to-head, Copper CRM vs HubSpot battle, Copper is a clear winner of customer relationships, which are our singular focus — not an afterthought or upsell.

See how Copper's easy-to-use drag-and-drop pipelines work.

3) We built a CRM that’s easy to implement, and we're here to help you

Every business employs different workflows and manages unique relationships. With versatility in mind, we’ve built a CRM that’s robust and flexible so you don’t have to invest additional time or resources into customizing and getting set up.

In other words, it’s ready to work for your unique workflow right out of the box.

With Copper, you can easily create multiple pipelines to manage each type of relationship, like prospects, vendors and partners. We also make it super simple to do things like automate all your repetitive tasks, set up email sequences, and view reports — no developer or costly consultant required.

Plus, Copper offers complimentary onboarding and dedicated CSMs for qualified customers. With HubSpot, you’ll need to invest thousands for a HubSpot Technical Consultant separately, or hire a third-party consultant.

Image for post Take Copper for a spin, no commitment required
Free trial

Take Copper for a spin, no commitment required

See why Copper was voted fastest implementation and easiest to use on G2 Crowd.

4) Using Copper is as easy as using Gmail (or Google Workspace).

You want your team to actually use the CRM you’ve selected to help run your business — and we do too. We understand that lack of adoption is one of the biggest challenges of getting any team or business to use a CRM. An easy-to-use CRM will always drive better adoption than one that’s complicated and confusing. Enter Copper.

Copper is incredibly intuitive and sits right in your inbox, so that you can save time and do all your work in one place. Even better, it’s built for Google Workspace, meaning it works seamlessly with the tools you already love. In fact, Copper is the only CRM that’s a Recommended for Google Workspace app. So, if you’re a fan of Google Workspace, Copper’s a clear choice.

Sharing the love, one customer at a time.

Customers today expect more from the businesses they frequent. They don’t just want to be viewed as a transaction or sale, they want to be treated like the unique individuals they are — and they want to feel like you care about them. At Copper, we understand that relationships matter most to building enduring businesses. We’ve built a tool that helps you nurture those relationships and show your customers the love that they deserve.

Using an uncomplicated, elegant tool that your team will love, that organizes your workflow and meets all of your relational requirements, will give you one less thing to worry about, leaving more time for other meaningful tasks. Together, we can build the experiences your customers expect, and drive growth for your business.

Want to see Copper in action? Try it for free today.

Ready to take the next step with a CRM that won't throw unexpected costs at you?

Try it for free or get in touch with us at with any questions.

Try Copper free

Instant activation, no credit card required. Give Copper a try today.

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