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Copper customers use Mailchimp CRM integration to power email marketing efforts

How customers are finding value with Copper’s Mailchimp integration

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Author photo: Katrina Oko-Odoi

Katrina Oko-Odoi

Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Email marketing can be a powerful tactic, especially when you have a well-developed program — and the right tools — guiding your efforts. An email marketing system like Mailchimp is one of these tools, but a CRM that integrates smoothly with your email marketing platform is just as important. Copper’s Mailchimp CRM integration fits the bill, as our customers have discovered.

We’ve covered the perks of uniting email marketing and CRM before — but to jog your memory, CRM software integrated with Mailchimp or similar email marketing platforms helps you:

  • Keep customer information organized
  • Track omnichannel customer data
  • Gain smarter audience insights
  • Save time by minimizing manual data entry

That’s why Copper has long offered a Mailchimp CRM integration, allowing users to manage and update Mailchimp lists directly from their Copper account.

4 customer use cases for our Mailchimp CRM integration

Here’s a look at how Copper customers small and large across industries are using our Mailchimp integration:

JBGoodwin Realtors: Agent recruiting

The regional real estate firm has built up a powerhouse of an agent recruiting program over 3 years using Copper. Integral to their efforts is sending professional email campaigns via Mailchimp. In the first 7 months of 2021, JBGoodwin sent 12,000 emails using Copper’s Mailchimp CRM integration — a 300% increase in the number of outbound recruiting emails sent compared to 2019. These efforts have contributed to a 37% increase in sponsored agents hired at the company in 3 years. More on their success here.

WoodBlocX: Direct-to-consumer and business-to-business sales

This modular garden bed retailer out of Scotland has seen a ten-fold increase in revenue since onboarding Copper 6 years ago. With sales split between direct-to-consumer online orders and B2B projects for construction and municipality clients, staying in touch with a diverse customer base was a challenge.

Now, WoodBlocX adds all new customers to their Mailchimp database after the initial purchase, feeding them into ongoing email marketing campaigns. That’s a win for their small team of twelve people. “It’s pretty incredible, really. Our growth has been in huge part due to Copper’s ability to help us internally,” shares WoodBlocX Digital Marketing Manager Mike McManus. Catch their small business story here.

RHR International: Consulting business development

Global consulting firm RHR International has substantially elevated sales and marketing efforts in the past 2.5 years as they’ve diversified their service offerings to meet changing client needs. Using Copper and Mailchimp together, the team has accelerated email activities from 1,000 marketing emails monthly to pushing out over 15,000 emails to two segmented subscriber groups every month.

This increased email marketing activity has translated to more new clients coming through the doors in recent months. “In terms of growth strategy, I think Copper will play a larger and larger role for us in the near future as we continue to expand our sales and marketing strategy,” remarks Sarah Gilbert, RHR’s Director of IT & Operations.

Commercial real estate and financial services

The use cases for Copper’s Mailchimp CRM integration don’t end there. A commercial real estate customer recently shared: “The biggest feature that I use Copper for is bringing new investor portal sign-ups as leads with the correct marketing source and placing them on a drip campaign to use on Mailchimp.” Nurturing investor relationships is pivotal to commercial real estate success.

Financial services customers often use the integration for managing e-newsletter subscriptions. “We're easily able to add contacts to our Marketing Newsletter,” comments one Copper user.

Many small business owners find the time savings the Mailchimp integration offers invaluable. Another recent customer shared, “I enjoy reduced hours inputting contact information and sending it to Mailchimp for future email campaigns.”

The best CRM for Mailchimp? You decide.

If you’re curious to put Copper CRM’s software integrated with Mailchimp to the test, start a 14-day free trial today, no credit card needed.

One thing we’re committed to at Copper: listening. We’re always working to level up our platform to better meet the business needs of our customers. Check back soon for updates on our CRM integrations.

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