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Copper + HubSpot, Can You Name a Better Pair?

Recently, Copper has released a couple of native integrations with some of the most common business applications including Quickbooks and Zendesk to better help teams collaborate around their customer relationships. Today, we’re rolling out another one!

Say hello to the Copper + HubSpot integration! 👋

Why does this matter?

Well, now marketing insights about leads and customers are surfaced right up to your sales team in Copper helping them optimize their follow-up strategy. With this integration, it's easier to keep a pulse on the communications that are sent to your contacts and pick up a conversation where Marketing left off.

No more being in the dark about a what campaigns marketing sent to your leads or customers—what your contact is inquiring about will be right at your fingertips.


Copper + HubSpot Marketing

The Copper + HubSpot integration displays the emails that have been sent to your contacts and which mailing lists they are subscribed to within your HubSpot Marketing Automation tool.

If you have a HubSpot subscription, you'll be able to click directly on the email displayed in Copper to open the email stats within HubSpot to learn more about their interaction with that communication.

The Copper + Hubspot native integration is available on the Professional and Business plan—read more about how it works: here.

Want to turn it on today? Have your Copper admin navigate to the Settings page, under Integrations and connect to HubSpot!

Not a Copper user yet? Sign up for a free trial!

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