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Copper’s VOGSY integration

Close the gaps from lead to cash

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Author photo: Christina Scannapiego

Christina Scannapiego

Director, Content Marketing

Let’s talk about silos.

Sure, it’s a snappy buzzword, but it’s also one of the biggest problems with businesses today.

Departments that once existed side-by-side in one single operating system are now divided into role-specific software programs:

  • Your sales team is communicating in your CRM
  • Your marketing team is in the marketing automation platform
  • Your accounting team is in your invoicing and payment processing software
  • Your product managers are in the product management system

As our offices become increasingly digital, automated and separated, the need for intelligent integrations becomes more urgent.

This is why we’re proud to announce the new integration with the quote-to-cash (QTC) platform, VOGSY, which can easily break down silos and connect the dots between your sales and product management departments.

Here’s everything you need to know about Copper’s VOGSY integration.

An introduction to VOGSY.

If you’re unfamiliar, VOGSY is a professional services automation platform for B2B service organizations to manage and automate their business operations on the cloud. From an operational standpoint, VOGSY covers quote to cash, including:

  • Quote management
  • Statement of Work (SOW) management
  • Project management
  • Reporting & invoicing

VOGSY was built with agencies, consultancies and technology companies in mind. Its resource allocation management features and revenue forecasting make it a top choice for many project-oriented B2B companies.

When paired with Copper, it’s a powerful resource for closing communication gaps inside your company.

VOGSY + Copper = meaningful insight for the whole team

This new integration allows you to synchronize opportunities from Copper straight to VOGSY. All your Copper opportunity information automatically populates in VOGSY – no manual entry required.

You decide at which point in your pipeline you want to sync your opportunities so that when an opportunity hits that specific point in your Copper pipeline, it automatically syncs to VOGSY.

Once you’ve activated the VOGSY integration, there will be two new button options in Copper: (1) Create an SOW and (2) Create a quote. You can click those buttons at any time to be taken to the VOGSY platform. You can also jump back to Copper from within VOGSY.

It’s a pretty straightforward integration with numerous benefits, including:

  • The ability to bridge the gap between sales and product delivery
  • The option to create SOWs and quotes in the VOGSY platform and embed them into Copper
  • Invaluable insight into margins on work sold
  • The ability to accurately assess resourcing needs
  • Easily bring your Copper pipeline into highly accurate and automated revenue forecasting

When Copper and VOGSY combine, you get more than just quote-to-cash oversight. You get full lead-to-cash functionality.

By dynamically linking the two platforms, you bridge the gap between the people selling the work and the people responsible for planning and delivering the work.

You’re knocking down both operational and data silos between sales and product delivery because there’s a single source of engagement and a unified communication channel.

The advantages of closing the gaps

This type of internal communication is really important.

For example, think about the differences between revenue and profit in an agency environment. Let’s say a sales team member closes a $15,000 digital marketing contract, and they’re feeling great.

But they don’t know the resource needs. After you pay the tactical expert their fee of $10,000 and cover the fees for the needed graphics and software, you’re only left with $100.

If the salesperson could have seen the cost breakdown before they made their pitch, they would have started negotiations much higher.

Too often, salespeople get excited about hitting revenue goals, but don’t actually know the profit margins.

With this integration feature, not only can you create and embed an SOW, but your sales team can tap into VOGSY’s margin calculator and assess the value of the deal in VOGSY before pitching a price. End-to-end, your team understands how much and what type of deals they need to pitch to yield the highest returns.

VOGSY also has resourcing management tools, which give your team members access to resourcing information. Your managers can easily pop into VOGSY from Copper and see which team members are available to execute tasks.

Finally, this integration builds on Copper’s reporting capabilities by providing in-depth revenue forecasting, created from the opportunities in Copper, which is perfect for your CFOs, CEOs and executive team.

Getting started with the new VOGSY integration

We’re always excited about creating new integrations to better meet our customers’ business needs. This new VOGSY integration is available for our Professional and Business plans. Connect your Copper account with Vogsy now.

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