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CRM, Minus the Bad Stuff

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Author photo: Morgan Norman

Morgan Norman

Most CRMs haven't changed in decades.

Whether it's endless data entry, endlessly complicated features or gut-tightening sticker shock at a price nobody expected, most CRM software comes laden with a ton of bad stuff. Every time you follow up with a customer, chat with a prospect or resolve a support ticket, there's a good chance your CRM is hindering the relationship—not helping.

Copper is different.

It's the crm designed for you, the end user.

It's crm, minus the...

… Data Entry

Most CRMs are glorified customer databases with a user interface stuck on top.

At their heart, they still rely on manual data entry. The only way to update the CRM—whether you're adding new contact details, logging call notes or arranging meetings—is to laboriously copy and paste information from endless email threads and calendar invites.

That's a real problem:

  • Nobody likes data entry. Data entry sits at the bottom of every list of priorities and with good reason: it's a waste of skilled time. In fact, our research showed that manual data entry is the single biggest barrier to adoption of customer relationship management tools.
  • Your CRM is only as good as its data. When users get sick of copy-pasting information, it ends up completely outdated. It doesn't matter how “smart” the software promises to be: give it garbage data, and you'll get garbage results.

That's why we've designed Copper to take care of data entry.

copper crm eliminates data entry

Just add a name or email address and Copper will do the rest—finding contact details, job titles, and much more.

Copper scrapes the web to automatically find, enter, and update key customer information like contact details, email threads, meeting requests, and shared documents—using as little as a name or email address to get started.

Instead of laboring over spreadsheets, you're free to spend skilled time on skilled activities. And yes—that means no more copy-pasting. (Here's how to ditch spreadsheets, btw.)

… Sticker Shock

Traditional CRMs are a minefield of hidden costs like never-ending implementation processes.

For one, integrations are complex and cumbersome. You need to pay for a team of developers just to make your CRM play nice with the other software you use. When the time comes to actually use it, the unintuitive functionality and dozens of unnecessary features mean that specialized training is almost always required.

After all of that added expense, you still end up with a tool that nobody uses:

  • 53% of CRM adoptions fail outright. Our research showed that over half of respondents had used three or more crms throughout their careers—despite most being under 44 years of age.
  • Two-thirds wouldn’t describe their CRM as effective. 43% say it’s tolerable, while 22% say it’s confusing, hard to use, or frustrating. It's no surprise that poor team adoption was a common complaint.

Business software doesn't need to be that way. After all, how much training did you need to get started with Gmail?

copper crm looks just like gmail

Copper makes even traditionally complex tasks, like setting rep targets and seeing how you're pacing, simple and intuitive.

Copper is quick and easy to set up, with reports and workflows that work straight out-of-the-box. You'll be up and running in hours, not months. No wasted time, no unanticipated costs.

… ‘90s Design

Most CRMs don't just function like old-school databases; they look and feel like them too.

Whether it's a clunky, hard-to-navigate interface or an outdated corporate aesthetic, CRM has developed a reputation for being, quite simply, boring.

But your relationships aren't boring. So why settle for a lackluster experience every time you use your CRM?

copper crm empowers teams to manage every business relationship

Copper looks and feels like a natural extension of the G Suite tools you use every day.

Copper is built with Google's Material Design principles, applying cutting-edge UX advances to make every interaction—from adding sales notes to scheduling follow-up emails—beautifully intuitive and surprisingly engaging.

We've ditched the corporate color palette in favor of colors that are as bright and inspiring as the relationships we manage every day, culminating in something that you'll love to use.

… Complexity

Most CRMs hail from an era when software was big and complex.

Companies didn't buy tools—they bought platforms that offered dozens of complicated and confusing features. If your sales process matched your CRM’s prescriptive workflow, great—but if you wanted to customize it to better fit your team, then you were held hostage by costly add-ons, plugins, and workarounds.

But the heyday of the all-in-one CRMs platform is already behind us. Today's companies build their own lightweight tech stacks, choosing standalone, best-in-class tools that integrate with each other in a matter of minutes.

customizable pipelines in copper crm

Copper gives you the freedom to easily customize your pipeline to your own needs.

Eighty percent of Copper's features live directly in the tools you use all day, every day—Gmail, Calendar, and Drive—and the other 20% are a click away.

With dozens of native integrations, whether you're a creative agency, service company, non-profit or tech enterprise, you can shape your workflow to your—and your customers'—exact needs.

Say hello to Copper, the crm that works for you.

Complexity abounds in modern relationships. Today's sales processes span multiple teams and multiple team members—but that doesn't mean your software needs to be complex too. That's where Copper comes in.

It’s the crm that works for you.

If you live around the Bay Area or in New York City, there's a good chance you'll see our crm, minus the bad stuff campaign in the coming days. This is the first of many launch campaigns for Copper, as we double down on our commitment to building lasting relationships and changing how companies and customers work together.

Campaign Credits:

Campaign Copy: Morgan Norman & Kira Lenke

Design: Astra Sodosaro

Photography: Ueno

Personals: Sienna Witte, Jason, Britney, Andrew Shu

Art Direction


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