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Hello, Europe.

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Copper is expanding globally, and the first step on that journey takes place in the UK. London, to be exact.

We've had a strong international presence for over three years. With 30% of our customers already hailing from Europe, it was a natural next step to support those customers with a team and an office in the heart of London.

In doing so, we're bringing the number one recommended crm for Google and G Suite to Europe—and with it, a way to manage relationships that's smarter, more collaborative, and more intuitive than anything that's come before.

We're beyond excited to learn from our European customers and to push the product in ways we haven't anticipated. Most importantly, we can't wait to help the relationship-makers of Europe build stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

It's crm, minus the bad stuff.

The requirements for crm have changed, and nowhere is it more evident than in Europe.

Relationships are longer and more complex, lasting years and spanning dozens of channels. Everyone in a company—sellers, marketers, developers, support staff, even finance—is a relationship-maker, influencing the experiences of customers and partners. Relationship-makers are no longer chained to their desk either: relationships are built everywhere, all the time, and accessing information on the go is more important than ever.

In this new world, old-school crm can't cut it. To keep pace with today's relationships, European relationship-makers (and relationship-makers the world over) need crm that:

  • Deploys instantly. The idea that crm could be up and running in minutes used to be unthinkable—until we proved it was possible. We're saying goodbye to hidden costs and months-long setup and integration projects, and hello to software that's intuitive, easy to set up, and designed to be used by everyone in your company.
  • Adapts to your business. crm isn't just for salespeople. Today's relationships come in all shapes and sizes: investors, agency partners, business partners, sales, marketing, customer support—and that's before we even get into industry-specific relationships. Every business is unique, and crm needs to support every one of your unique relationship types.
  • Puts productivity first. Today's relationships span emails, live chat, social media, Google Docs,

    Google Calendar—you name it. Switching between a dozen tools is a major productivity drain and makes it virtually impossible to find all the information you need to manage relationships. Copper brings all of your relationship content into a single place.

  • Eliminates data entry. Copper removes all of the busywork and data entry plaguing old-school crm tools. Just add a name and an email address to Copper, and it does the hard work of automatically filling in the blanks—and we mean all of them, whether you're after company information, contact details, or past interactions.
  • Has a modern look and feel. Modern business software shouldn't feel like a throwback to the 1990s. Today's enterprise software should look and feel like a consumer app: intuitive, eye-catching, and downright enjoyable to use.

In short, crm doesn't have to suck. By expanding into the UK, we're showing the whole of Europe that the face of enterprise software has changed—and there's a better way to manage relationships.

The first of many more to come.

This is just the beginning of our journey into Europe, and we couldn't be more excited to start it in London.

We've learned a lot from every one of our 3,000 European customers, as well as the incredible Google Premier Partners that have helped us make inroads in the UK. We can't wait to deepen our own connections with those incredible customers and help all of Europe's relationship-makers in their quest to build stronger relationships.

There'll be many more launches to follow but in the meantime, be on the lookout for Copper. You can take us for a test drive or reach out at any time.

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