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How LumApps Uses Copper to Manage 2,000% Lead Growth

How LumApps Uses Copper to Manage 2,000% Lead Growth

Meet LumApps, a collaborative intranet platform currently recognized as the #1 recommended intranet for G Suite users.

By combining the best features of workplace communities, like Jive, collaboration platforms, like Sharepoint, and document management apps, like Google Drive, LumApps has created a simple, easy-to-use platform for information sharing and team collaboration.

In October 2016, LumApps was a young, 25-person startup in Paris, France. With a handful of customers and a knack for innovation, the company was growing quickly. In 2017, LumApps attended Google's largest tech conference, Google Next, where the company was recognized as the most innovative solution in G Suite's Marketplace. It was a game changer. The public recognition launched the company into a period of extreme, unprecedented growth.

Overnight, LumApps had a 2,000% increase in inbound leads.

This kind of momentum is a dream come true, but it’s also a huge operational challenge. LumApps had no choice but to invest in a variety of solutions that could help them scale—fast.

After evaluating numerous Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, LumApps selected Copper as their CRM of choice. (Here's what startups should generally look for in CRMs.) Not only does Copper have a native integration with G Suite apps like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Meet (formerly Hangouts), it’s also designed for and recommended by Google, so LumApps' team knew it would work seamlessly with their entire productivity tool stack.

“Copper is incredibly intuitive, easy-to-use, and works instantly without IT work orders. It's different because it doesn’t require manual data entry and everything you need is one click away, so our team adopted it quickly. I will never need to invest in ongoing training or admins to customize the system. It’s flexible and can mold to our existing workflow, which is constantly shifting for a growing startup.” - Olivier Chanoux, LumApps CMO and Co-Founder

LumApps initially invested in Copper to help their pre-sales team of five manage relationships and streamline their sales process. But, as the leadership team began to rely solely on Copper as the single source of truth for pipeline metrics, goals, and lead generation, they decided it was such a strategic help that it needed be implemented across additional teams.

LumApps now has more than 75 users across sales, marketing, customer success, operations, and executive management using Copper.

Today, LumApps has a global footprint.

LumApps is still headquartered in France, but now has 120 employees and is used across the world with big-name customers like Colgate, Palmolive, Finish Line, and TMX. It operates in 25 countries and offices including New York, San Francisco, Austin, London, and Tokyo.

We have scaled from 20 users to over 2,000,000 in just one year and Copper is the solution we have relied on to manage our fast growth,” says Olivier.

LumApps expects to grow revenue by 200% this year and will continue to invest in Copper to enable their growing team and complex business needs.




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