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Launching IMPACT Commerce with Copper & PandaDoc

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Running a small business is no small task, as all of the options, opportunities, and requirements can often be overwhelming. When establishing IMPACT Commerce, a company that specializes in designing innovative technology solutions for independent merchants, CEO James Scott relied upon easy-to-use CRM and document automation software to hit the ground running.

Prior to IMPACT Commerce, James worked with companies that enable independent retailers to compete with larger retail brands by improving operations and implementing automated growth, most recently as President, North America for Brightpearl. At Brightpearl, James set up both the U.S. operations and global customer success where he was constantly thinking about the customer experience and customer journey to ensure customers were both getting value quickly and maximizing value over time.

Discovering Copper

Upon establishing IMPACT Commerce earlier this year, James had been “impressed by the quality of software” he discovered that was available for growing businesses. James found out about Copper after reading an article on great pieces of software to start a business with.

“I had just signed my first customer, and had 2-3 more in my pipeline,” James says. “I was initially keeping all of their information in a Google Sheet or relying on Gmail, but I knew that would eventually cause me to make mistakes. In turn, I knew I had to start looking for a more structured data repository.”

In his search for CRM software, he says, “I’ve had 10+ years of experience with Salesforce, so I couldn’t help but relate everything to it. Because Copper’s structure is similar with contacts, tasks, and opportunities, it was easy to adapt to. And as a bonus, the price point was not prohibitive for a startup like mine.”

“In past roles, CRM implementation would take 20 days. With Copper, it only took 20 minutes.”

After signing up for a free trial of Copper and getting the initial setup done, he achieved immediate value and was impressed by how simple it is to use. “My experience with Copper was seamless,” says James. “It’s such an intuitive platform. There’s no need to read support docs because everything is where you’d expect it to be. I was quickly able to create opportunities, and visualize where they were within the pipeline.” He also remarks, “In past roles, CRM implementation would take 20 days. With Copper, it only took 20 minutes.”

Integrating Copper with PandaDoc

Along with Copper, James has integrated PandaDoc to simplify his team’s workflow. The document automation software was brought to his attention while searching for consulting agreement templates for software development contracts. He chose PandaDoc because “it’s more than just a template - it allows us to manage multiple contracts and ensure they’re all signed.” James compares it to the Copper’s “pleasant, quick experience,” and likes that he can “generate an initial document and get it signed within minutes.”

Even though James describes himself as a “technology nerd that easily gets distracted by hot, powerful and complex technology,” he sees himself sticking with Copper and PandaDoc in the long run. He says, “There’s a nice balance within these platforms, as I can quickly extract value without having to go that deep into learning about the system.” Copper looks forward to watching IMPACT Commerce grow, and we’re so excited to assist in the expansion along the way.

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