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ProsperWorks CRM raises $24M to grow the CRM your team will actually love using

Three years ago, I talked to the most successful business leaders I had worked with over a 15-year career founding several successful software companies.

I asked them one simple question, “what is the most important thing to your business?” The answers all converged on “my relationship with my customers.”

Ironically, these leaders felt short-changed by the one investment that was supposed to help them reach this goal: their CRM. It failed to deliver on even the most basics needs: organization, automation, and visibility. They told me their CRM was complicated, required too much data entry, and despite all the money invested, their team just wasn’t using it.

I founded ProsperWorks to give every business that has ambitions to grow a CRM that they will actually use. A CRM that removes data entry, that’s as easy to use as Gmail and that gives businesses the visibility and insights needed to cultivate their customer relationships.

Great things in life are often accomplished in pairs. And that’s why we’ve chosen to get married with Google and focus exclusively on extending our lead as the recommended CRM for Google Cloud.

Why? Because Google is leading the forefront in creating tools that are both broadly adopted and enable real-time collaboration that help businesses to think creatively and innovate boldly -- values that we hold near and dear.

Being the CRM for Google means integrating with the Google tools you use every day, like Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets and Slides. Gone are the days of manually logging calls, remembering to add BCC addresses on your emails or collating business data from multiple sources to create that winning presentation.

Imagine. All your data in one place, without the work. Data that is comprehensive, fresh, relevant and finally trustworthy.

Great data means CRM can finally evolve from simply being a database to being an intelligent sales assistant that shows your team through data what they should do next to win. Whether it’s helping you set attainable and ambitious goals or identifying risks in your sales funnel, ProsperWorks is your data-driven VP of Sales in the pocket of every sales rep.

We’ve come a long way and I’m incredibly proud of our progress. Since our launch a year and a half ago, ProsperWorks has helped more than 63,000 businesses grow faster, think creatively and innovate boldly. Business that include industry standouts like Google, Peugeot, and Udacity.

What started out as a tireless team of three founders has now grown to over 90 employees and has seen 500% year on year revenue growth on a base of single digit millions in revenues.

Today, I am pleased to announce that ProsperWorks has received $24M in Series B funding to further accelerate the success of our customers. Next World Capital lead the financing with participation from Storm Ventures, True Ventures, Industry Ventures, Devoteam, and a consortium of visionary angels. To date, we’ve raised more than $34M and we’re just getting started.

I can’t emphasize enough how excited my team and I are about helping you achieve your business goals. We want to thank our customers and partners who have played a crucial role in defining and validating the vision. And, to our future customers, we look forward to partnering in your success.

Onwards and upwards,

Jon Lee
CEO and Co-Founder

Check out our industry leading reviews on the Google Apps Marketplace, Chrome Webstore, and G2 Crowd, where we were recently named #1 CRM in customer satisfaction.

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