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TAS TradeSoft Takes On Financial Projects & More with Copper

TAS TradeSoft Takes On Financial Projects & More with Copper

John Logan and the global TAS TradeSoft teams consider themselves to be unique among Copper users. Along with managing customer relations, their company oversees financial projects which require large amounts of custom reporting. With Copper, TAS TradeSoft is able to tackle both, while streamlining their workflow like never before.

TAS TradeSoft helps companies with everything from application development to custom software development. Their CEO, John, first found out about Copper after seeing a banner in the Google for Work section of the Google Apps Marketplace. His firm was using Google Drive and Gmail to manage customers, but the high volume of data lacked organization. Purchasing Copper was an easy decision, as the seamless Google integration fit right in with practices and tools already in place, and John’s team could record all client interactions going forward.

Getting Started with Copper

As John and his team began implementing the system, they were immediately drawn to the contact, social, and demographic data that Copper automatically pulls in for each contact. “I love how Copper is able to grab information from LinkedIn and other venues. It provides us context around who we’re talking to so that we’re more likely able to turn contacts into opportunities.”

As his team began communicating through the system, he appreciated how “everyone on the team can access different communications with companies and opportunities. We’re all on the same page, and everyone is collaborating easier.” Copper gives teams the visibility they need into deals, so users can see not just their interactions, but also interactions with users across the company - emails, phone calls, meetings, and more.

In comparing Copper to legacy CRM products TAS TradeSoft used in the past, John said, “With other CRM systems, you spend more time learning how to use them than actually using them. With Copper, there has been absolutely no learning curve.”

Integrating with Active Collab

One of the major selling points for John and his team was using application connector Zapier to integrate Active Collab into projects and clients in Copper. Along with providing tools for project management, Active Collab keeps issued invoices and their statuses all in one place.

“We use Active Collab to automate the tedious tasks in our workflow,” says John. “We can set up payment gateways for our clients listed in Copper, and then we’re able to receive payments instantly after issuing invoices.”

The ease of the integration was also attractive to the TAS TradeSoft team. “Zapier’s API connectors are seamless; someone on our team doesn’t even need an Active Collab login to know where a project is.”

Finances and Reporting

“I use Copper to do a lot of sales forecasting, especially with recurring items,” says John. “I set up the system to have Reporting include a set dollar amount from each group of opportunities every month.” As a result, this revenue “continues to show up in our reports, without me having to take out a pencil or Excel spreadsheet.” Through Copper’ forecasting capabilities, TAS TradeSoft eliminates the guesswork when maximizes the use of their data, allowing them to anticipate what’s to come for business.

Collaborating on a Global Scale

While their headquarters are domestically based in the U.S., TAS TradeSoft has offices around the world. "We've got people in Europe, South America, and Asia. Copper keeps us all on the same page so that we don’t have to touch base every day.” At the same time, John’s team does not have to “spend time covering rogue processes. I always just point to Copper, and say it's all there.”

We are excited to help TAS TradeSoft on their mission to revolutionize outsourcing in the technology industry. Perhaps John says it best in stating, “They’ll thank me later” after referring Copper CRM to other businesses.